How will Apple face iPad name issue in China

In the coming annual Apple Shareholder conference on Thursday, Tim Cook is staying a super position and height: a leading product, a crash quantity of 98 billion and the rising share price, all these has promoted Apple to be one of the highest market value cooperation.
But there are two things urgently to solve: one is awesome environment from Chinese iPad 3 Provider another is iPad name issue with China Proview Technology.
The former one can be solved and now is solving, but the second one remains to be a real problem.

According to the Financial Times, the People’s Intermediate Court in Huizhou found that Apple and Chinese electronics store Sundan were infringing on a patent held by Proview Technology by selling the iPad.

At issue is a December ruling in favor of Proview, which secured the rights to the iPad name in China 2001. Although Apple bought the rights to use the iPad name in Taiwan in 2009, Proview still retains the right to the name in mainland China. In the wake of that ruling, there have been reports in recent weeks of iPads being pulled from shelves throughout China.

As a result, Apple wrote to Proview recently accusing the company of making misleading statements to the press that could damage Apple’s reputation, IDG News Service reported.

Apple threatened to sue Proview over those statements. “It is inappropriate to release information contrary to the facts to the media, especially when such disclosures have the effect of wrongfully causing damage to Apple’s reputation,” said the letter, which IDG posted on Scribd.

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