HP Turns to Windows 8 for Next Tablets

Has HP PC business dead? Where is its new direction?
The global Top 5 now comprises HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, and Asus, with the two last-named companies being based in Taiwan. And HP is recently reported may sell or spin off its PC business by switching to its main rival, Dell.

The latest quarterly shipment figures from the leading PC industry research companies show that the “obvious” didn’t happen. It seemed likely that risk-averse corporate buyers would respond to HP’s announcement that it might sell or spin off its PC business by switching to its main rival, Dell. If that is happening, it’s not yet evident, because both Gartner and IDC reckon HP’s shipments increased in the July-September quarter, while Dell’s declined slightly.

HP ‘s new business———Windows 8 for Next Tablets

Hewlett-Packard has pulled the plug on tablets running its own webOS mobile operating system, but an HP spokesperson all but confirmed Monday that the computer maker will be building a tablet based on Microsoft’s tablet-optimized Windows 8 OS when it’s released in 2012.
“We already make a Windows 7-based tablet, the HP Slate 500, so you could probably guess we’ll continue to work with them,” said Marlene Somsak, a spokesperson for HP’s Personal Systems Group.
HP’s current Windows-based tablet is a commercial product used primarily in the hospitality, health care, and financial industries, she said. Somsak wouldn’t say if HP had a similar product in mind for Windows 8 or if the company would try to take another shot at a consumer tablet in addition to targeting commercial users.

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