iOS 5 may be firstly applied on iPhone4 and iPad on Oct.10

A leading analyst has claimed that current iPhone and iPad from Apple might get a major system software upgrade on Oct. 10. This will apparently be the day that iOS 5 is released.

Apple’s upcoming operating system iOS 5 has been unveiled months ago, but never really power on the iPhone 4, iPhone 3G or iPad. However, two recent reports may reveal the day.

First off, employees at Apple’s own retail stores have been told that there will be no vacation days granted on Oct. 9 -12. Also, some of those who work in this company’s AppleCare department have been pre-warned to expect a rush of iOS-related calls on Oct. 10.

While hardly definitive proof, together these strongly suggest that Apple is getting ready to do something big that’s related to iOS, and the launch of the next version is one possibility.

Related with iPhone 5
The other possibility is the debut of the iPhone 5, the much-anticipated new version of Apple’s smartphone. However, in previous years, in the last few years, Apple has always released a new version of the iOS for current devices a few days before introducing the new handset running it.

What new in iOS 5 for iPhone and iPad?
A new on-line service which will take the place of the old MobileMe services like mail, calendar, and contacts, and add many new ones. It will back up music, books, and apps automatically, and provide users with 5 GB of cloud-based storage.

Notification Center
Users will open by swiping down on their touchscreens from the top of their devices. It will feature weather and stock information, and other notifications like missed calls, emails, and SMS alerts under that.

It will allow users of an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS 5 to send each other messages and media over a Wi-Fi or 3G connection.

Twitter Integration:
Apple is integrating Twitter to all its iOS based devices and to many of its own apps, including Camera, Photos, Safari and Maps.
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