iPad 3 Rumors: what does Apple iPad 3 look like

When does the iPad 3 finally came out? It was reported that it would be unveiled in the first week in March. If true, the iPad 3 release date could be as early as mid-March, since the iPad 2 was released a week after being announced last March.

Here comes some rumors about Apple iPad 3:

According to tech website iLounge, one of its writers allegedly saw the iPad 3 first-hand at CES 2012, but wasn’t that impressed with what he saw. iPad 3 is also said to be thicker than its predecessor.

The Apple event is expected to be in San Francisco at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, with new CEO Tim Cook hosting the launch. Though a specific date hasn’t been confirmed, PC Mag reports iOS 5.1, the next Apple operating system, is set for release on March 9.

In August, sources “familiar with the matter” said that the iPad 3 would be out in early 2012 and 1.5 million devices would be available at launch. Another report suggested that the iPhone 5 release date would be March 2012, but skeptics say that’s unlikely as the record-breaking iPhone 4S came out less than six months ago.

CNET reports pressure is on Apple to come out with their next-generation iPad sooner rather than later. While 2011 may have been “the year of the iPad,” it’ll be more difficult to maintain the market lead as low-cost offerings from the likes of Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Asus have increased competition.

Other sources about the iPad 3 specification:
1. iPad 3 runs on a TSMC-developed A6 quad core processor
2. iPad 3 will launch on 29 March
3. iPad 3 will feature an LCD ‘Retina Display’ screen developed by Sharp
4. iPad 3 will feature Thunderbolt port connectivity
5. iPad 3 will launch with Siri
6. iPad 3 will come in three different models, including a 4G edition
7. iPad 3 will support stylus control
8. iPad 3 will feature a larger battery, and a new logic board

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