iPhone 4S —-still a likely hit on market?

Apple last Tuesday released its “New” iPhone—–iPhone 4S, which merely upgraded the phone’s camera from a 5-megapixel sensor to an 8-megapixel sensor, 1080p support and iOS 5 built-in and the coolest Siri.

Facing its still 3.5 inch display and same dual-core A5 chip that the iPad 2 does and heart-broke completely no 4G capability, we can directly show our disappoint to it, but things looks like different on market and even very crazy——see the data following.

AT&T announces record 200,000 iPhone 4S pre-orders in first 12 hours
AT&T, Apple’s original wireless carrier partner for the iPhone, announced on Friday that it had received more than 200,000 pre-orders for the iPhone 4S in the first 12 hours on offer, making it the most successful iPhone launch ever for the company.

From Beatweek
Apple has suspended advance preorders of the iPhone 4S less than twenty-four hours after they begun, informing customers who place on-line orders that it’ll now be a post-order of sorts, with the device not shipping for one to two weeks, placing its arrival later than the October 14th retail launch date. Those who didn’t sneak their order in on time will now need to brave retail crowds if they want an iPhone 4S in their hands on the 14th. Why did Apple pull the plug so quickly? AT&T reports that it received more than two hundred thousand 4S preorders from its existing and new customers, a far greater number than the iPhone 4 notched last year. That kind of high volume suggests that Apple quickly blew through the iPhone 4S inventory it allotted for advance on-line orders and now wants to hang onto the remaining inventory for its upcoming retail launch. Based on overall carrier size, Verizon can be assumed to have notched roughly the same number of preorders, while smaller Sprint may have scored half that much, adding up to a cool half million estimated iPhone 4 preorders in half a day in the United States alone. So much for the notion of the iPhone 4S being a flop …

We can summarize as : so far, so good.

The fact that the 4S isn’t an “iPhone 5″ combined with the fact that it took sixteen months to come to market instead of the usual twelve month gap between iPhones.

So the Demand for the iPhone is huge. In a Sprint strategy session Friday morning, Sprint Nextel chief executive Dan Hesse said that the iPhone is the “number one reason” that customers have left its network in the past.
Analysts looking at what’s coming up for Apple’s next handset agree that the phone will be a huge hit.

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