iPhone Video App Givit Integrates Sharing to Twitter

Like most of us, you may also have got lots of video clips on your phone and want to make it easier to edit them on your phone and render them into sharable clips. Givit, the famous iPhone video editing app offering easy way for users to personalize video highlight reels, now announces its latest version that focuses on sharing and importing videos from more new sources.

By integrating with Twitter and taking advantage of Twitter Cards, Givit now enable users to share videos directly to the SNS and watch them on the Twitter website or apps. Besides, this iPhone app has improved its editing workflow that users can highlight videos within it even when recording. With this new feature, users can easily recognize which parts of the videos they’d like to keep. Another thing that worth focusing on is the frame-by-frame controls and advanced editing features together with the ability to add new videos at any time, which makes it better for clipping.

However, Givit is not satisfied with only adding these new features so that it attempt to give users the ability to load videos from other sources by connecting itself to Dropbox and SkyDrive, which makes accessing video content there easier. In this way, it increases the potential amount of content that they can edit and the number of videos that can be shared. Good news, isn’t it?

Apart from Givit, Doremisoft Video Converter and Video Converter for Mac are also among the strongly-recommended video editing tools list for mobile devices like iPhone and iPad. Refer to them and see if they help.

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