Microsoft Will Gift Its Employees the White Xbox One for Free

For some gamers, time seems to move at a snail’s pace since they cannot wait to see the stunning Xbox One which’s rumored to come out in November this year(an exact date hasn’t been set yet). Undeniably, Microsoft has placed a bigger importance on this entertainment gadget than ever before. It is a small black shiny box using voice recognition to control live TV and switch between apps or games. Perhaps it is not the most stunning console we have ever seen, but it has got great improvements from Xbox 360—the design and the feature functions, etc.

According to the latest news from Reddit, Microsoft is building a free white-and-silver Xbox One game console for its employees. The post on Reddit also includes a graphic of the gadget– a white controller, black Kinect sensor. Interestingly, there is very cool engraving states “I made this” on the front of the console. It is said that those full-time employees in the Interactive Entertainment Business group will be gifted a free Xbox One, one year of Xbox Live, games, and a special achievement all on Xbox One’s launch day.

This exciting news attracted great attention from lots of fans who made plenty of requests for Microsoft to market this version of the upcoming gadget. Many users wrote that “Gotta say, that looks really slick. Will there be one that we can buy eventually?” “Will there ever be a white one sold to the public?” “I hope they re-release this white version at some future time. It looks sexy!” Redditor CoconutStorm said. In reply to the question of whether the white Xbox One will be available to the general public, Microsoft spokesman gave a short but official answer, “we have no comment”. In fact, this is not the first time Microsoft has offered its employees with the new products free of charge. For instance, in 2010, the free Windows Phone 7 smartphones was given to Microsoft employees. Some people cannot help but think Microsoft is missing a great sales opportunity. Have to say that the lighter colored Xbox One looks really nice. There is no wonder some users saying “I wouldn’t mind owning one more over the black version.” As to the serious question asked on Reddit—will the white Xbox One be available to the public, “maybe waaaay in the future.”, said the Xbox community celeb Major Nelson with smile.

On the other hand, PlayStation4 is scheduled to come out in November, pretty much the same time as Xbox One. It will be an interesting thing to see what their (Sony and Microsoft) plans are, how the competition will be like as well as the condition of initial sales going into the holiday shopping season. Please cross your fingers, gentle readers.

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