Microsoft’s Soon-to-be-released New Surface 2 Super Tablet

Microsoft takes an enormous risk that its new Surface super tablet will arrive later this fall (On October 26, exactly the same date as windows 8 arrives). In the end, its staking the way forward for its company (as well as its relationship with windows hardware producers) on the gamble. Microsoft Corporate Vice president Frank X. Shaw lately called the new Surface 2 not a tablet, but “our new family of PCs built to be the ultimate stage for Windows.” . But possibly more telling: Microsoft is positively employing, with jobs posting proclaiming that the organization is “currently building the next generation and Surface needs you!”

What type of features will this new Surface 2 have? Microsoft is looking for a materials engineer that is able to work with “new materials including metals, ceramics, plastics and thin films.” Microsoft can also be seeking a specialist in “alternative power sources” as well as an engineer acquainted with “passive and active cooling thermal designs.” We are able to only you know what each one of these equal to – possibly a lighter, cooler-to-the-touch tablet by having an extremely lengthy battery existence?

Overview of the New Microsoft Surface 2 Tablet

Magnesium chassis, vapour depositing coating, cutaway edges, ClearType HD display the look qualifications and also the specs for Microsoft’s new Home windows RT tablet are impressive as well as in the flesh this can be a wonderful bit of hardware that appears good – and it is practical too.

It’s thin, it’s light, it’s comfortable to carry, it runs Home windows RT as wonderfully as you’d expect, it can make you need to touch it but it is also designed so that you can snap the magnetically attached cover into position – by no means much like any competitor idea…

However, you will not have the ability to obtain the Surface tablet until Home windows 8 ships – so we can’t get its your government, the Apple Core i5 Surface for Home windows 8 Professional, for an additional three several weeks next.

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