OS X Lion update to 10.7.1 on Mac App Store

Apple finally updates OS X Lion to 10.7.1 on Mac App Store
Recently Apple finally update OS X Lion to 10.7.1 on Mac App Store, just a full week after releasing OS X 10.7.1 via Software Update and Apple’s download pages.
The update should mean that users newly purchasing OS X Lion will receive 10.7.1 directly rather than having to install the base 10.7.0 version and then update to 10.7.1.

The newest version of Lion is sized 3.5 GB and sells $29.99 which is the same with Mac OS Lion OS release price, and if you have bought the OS already you can update your OS Lion for free.

Lion OS 10.7.1 so far is open to all the Mac users including MacBook Air with Mac OS X Lion
Pre-positioned, all the above users can have free update through Apple Store.

And this time its update has solved related questions:
Solve the problem on when use safari watching video there will be link malfunction;
Solve the problem when use HDMI or fiber audio export will lead to system audio freeze malfunction;
Improve the Wi-Fi connection stability;
Solve the problem on System will stop users to transfer data, setting and compatible application to running OS X Lion new computers.

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