Sony PS4 Rumored to Come out with Less than a £300 Cost

Recently, there’s a heating discussion that Sony is about to launch its next generation PlayStation – PS4 in a February 20 event. Another rumor is that Sony PS4 could come out in the UK costing customers at an appealing price of less than £300 when it releases later this year.

The Times claimed at a recent report that Sony would probably launch its PS4 in under the £300 mark, quoting industry sources and leaked internal documents. This claim could be traced back to the Japan news earlier this month, which stated that the PlayStation 4 will retail for just 40,000 JPY ( about £278 by today’s exchange rate) when it is put into the market on Feb 20th.

The reducing of the price would be an enormous difference of approach from the PS3, which put consumers in a dilemma with its debuted price of £425 back in 2007. “This high launch price infamously cost Sony early momentum in the console war” – a sorrowful circumstance from which Sony has only really revitalized in the very latter years of the PS3′s life.

Obviously, this low debuted price for the PS4 is going to give the new generation game console an immediate attraction to more early adopters. In addition, it would also reflect the trends that the next generation game console – including the Xbox 720, Wii U, etc. – will be more a multimedia center than just a dedicated gaming device.

In spite of the facts all above, the PlayStation 4 is designed to be an ultra-powerful piece of console with many expectations. The fact is that Sony PS4 is much likely to be the best game console on the market in the following year (or even years), with an 8-core CPU and an 18-core GPU. Apart from that, the PS4 will also sport a touch pad-equipped controller.

What’s your expected price for a PS4? Write a comment to tell us what you think about it!

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