The Top 6 Rumored iPhone 6 Specs

The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C have been out on the market for quite a few while. Now that 2014 has arrived, Apple fans are beginning to look ahead to the next iPhone. Recently, rumors about the iPhone 6 keep on cycling around every corner of the world. For instance, the iPhone 6 is rumored to be released in June while other sources claimed that it would be out by September. Of course, exactly when that will be in the year is still a little unclear. There is no confirmation yet.

Interestingly, we can find various sets of iPhone 6 rumors and news on many websites or online publications. Of so many rumors, there are top 6 rumored iPhone 6 specs that we can never miss. Kindly refer to the following:

1. iPhone 6 Rumor: Design

The iPhone 6 is said to come with some significantly redesigned features. We know that, the “S” versions of the iPhones have maintained the design of their predecessors; however, this is not the case for iPhone 6. Difference from the iPhone 5S, the iPhone 6 would be slightly thinner and slimmer. To make the story more interesting, some rumors said that an iPhone Air would be on its way that will have the 6mm thickness measure, making the device a lot more compact.

2.iPhone 6 Rumor: A8 Chipset

The rumor from DigiTimes says that the iPhone 6 will be shipped with a next generation chipset which’s called A8 chip – the A7′s successor. Besides, it is reported that the Apple A8 processor will make use of the same package-on package technology that Apple used on the A6 and A7 processors to put the processors and RAM on the same package.

3. iPhone 6 Rumor: Sapphire Screen

The best-selling iPhone 5S has got a sapphire cover over the fingerprint reader and also over the camera. We can see that Apple loves sapphire. It is said that Apple has signed a multi-year supply agreement with GT Advanced Technologies which will provide sapphire materials to Apple. Therefore, we are very likely to get a next iPhone with an unbreakable sapphire crystal glass display cover.

4. iPhone 6 Rumor: Better Camera

Some rumors said that the camera of iPhone 6 would be the same as that of the iPhone 5S. According to latest report from IT168, the iPhone 6 will sport a significantly upgraded 8-megapixel camera which’s better than its predecessor.

5. iPhone 6 Rumor: Eye Tracking

It is reported that the Technology giant Apple will incorporate the “Eye Tracking” and “Motion Control” features on the latest iPhone 6 without making any major hardware alteration, aiming at competing with the alleged “Eye Scroll” feature of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

6. iPhone 6 Rumor: Wireless Charging

Actually, the wireless charging is not the mainstream. If we would like to charge the mobile phones’ batteries using inductive “wireless” charging, we will have to buy a separate charging sleeve (case) and charging mat for the device. To make the upcoming iPhone 6 more user-friendly, Apple is reportedly to offer the wireless charging batteries for the next iPhones.

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