Twitter is Considering New Ways to Improve the Process of Using Twitter on Android

Stepping into 2013, more and more companies are showing their interest in Google’s Android OS. About a week ago, FaceBook pluckily designed to upraise its participation in the mobile field with its Android-only replacement, and now followed the Twitter.

Twitter Vice President Michael Sippey seemed to be attracted by the sorts of experiences others have been able to build on top of Android. He confirmed at the D: Dive Into Mobile that Twitter has been considering new ways for Android users to discover Tweets.

“There are a lot of things we’re looking at on Android to make it easier to discover tweets,” Sippey remarked in response to an audience question. He went on to mention that he finds FaceBook Home to be “a very interesting product,” and that he “would like to see tweets there.”

To our disappointment, Sippey didn’t reveal anything further about what exactly the Android-oriented Twitter their experts configuring behind closed doors will be like. However, he did point out the significance of Twitter’s internal hack weeks, quarterly events that their transdisciplinary professionals come together to work on some interesting projects. Yes, the hacks may be rather rough at first, but improving day after day, some of them would turn out to be full-feature products that have ultimately been integrated into Twitter proper (downloadable tweet archives are probably the best example).

The Verge’s Ellis Hamburger points out that unlike FaceBook’s “late night hack”, it wouldn’t be surprised to learn that some of Twitter’s potential Android enhancements came about due to this internal drive to betweenwhiles cobble things together completely. For now Twitter is more than happy to keep these stuffs close to behind doors, but Sippey stated that the team wants to “build the best Twitter” they can, and taking a tighter approach to baking into an immensely popular mobile OS wouldn’t be the worst move Twitter could make.

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