What Sony Should Do to Make PlayStation 4 Successful

According to the hype, Sony is about to release its next generation PlayStation at a February 20 event. The publication of the new PS4 game console sounds all good, but once the announcement come out and the reveal has been made, the actual difficult task happens to Sony: how to make the next generation PlayStation successful in the new era? The other rivals in the game console field, such as Microsoft and Nintendo, are also launching new consoles and thus the platform wars are on the verge of breaking out anew. Sony has gained big market share with the PS3, but in order to make the PS4 even more successful, it’s going to need to put some snap in it in a few areas.

Focus more on exclusive games

Exclusive game is the most important factor for the success of a game console. Excellent games that players can’t access anywhere else will always attract more consumers than flashy technical specs. Although these days game console developers would rather make timed-exclusive DLC deals, that’s a poor alternative for exclusive games. Therefore, Sony cannot be penurious with its money; it has to go out finding good titles and invest the money needed to those games to ensure the PS4 has a solid exclusive games library.

Care more about Japanese games

Japanese games are very popular at the moment in North America – Persona, Ni No Kuni, Xenoblade, Pandora’s Tower, The Last Story, etc. They’ve all been touching our every nerve. Sony has an advantage over Microsoft in this aspect since Japanese game designers aren’t developing too many games for Xbox 360. It seems there’s a belief that western game players don’t show much interest in Japanese video games so that Sony did not publish many Japanese games to certain markets, but I think that’s proved to be more a misconception than anything else.

Pay more attention to indie games

PSN is a good store to seek indie games, but that’s not enough as it is more or less on par with the XBLA of Xbox. It should be better with the PS4 and make itself a far cry from others. As indie games boomed this year, Sony should take a bigger bite on the pie. It needs to make a PSN where it can try new and different things. Frankly speaking, Sony has already been doing a better job than Microsoft in the area of online market, but I’d like to see it take an even bigger step with PSN in the upcoming future.

Fix the potential problems in time

Sony has to take actions in time when things just aren’t running on the right track. When launching some peripherals like Move or PS Vita but it’s not doing anything except collecting dust, don’t pretend everything is all right and leave it festering some more. Staying the course doesn’t help anything. If something isn’t working well with the PS4, Sony can’t just let that problem hang there, hoping it gets better with the commitment of good things to come. It needs to get innovative and shake things up.

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