5 Best Photo Apps for Smart Phone

You know what, the smart phone has already become one of the indispensable products in our daily life. It has revolutionized the way we live and entertain. Yes, if you keep a close eye, you will see so many people are using smart phones to enjoy music, watch movies, take pictures and shoot videos, etc. Yes, it’s quite common to see people taking pictures on the street thanks to their smart phones. As the saying goes, where there is demand, there is a market. There are more and great photo apps available to help hone the craft. Listed below are five best photo apps for the smart phone(some are for iOS and some for Android).

1. Photoshop Touch

It was originally to be used on tablet only. But now, it can be run on iPhone with many compelling features, including layers and adjustments. It allows you to open a source file from your Camera Roll or take a new one directly, just as iPhone photo editors do. But there’s something different, its menu options are supplemented by Creative Cloud tools. With these tools, you are allowed to handle with the files which were uploaded to the free paid-for online Adobe account before. It is considered to be one of the best photo editors for iPhone.

photo touch

2. Snapseed

This is a free editing software which can be found on Google. Actually, it has been released for quite a while. With its easy-to-navigate user interface, it is not a tedious task to handle all those standard editing features provided. Besides, there are other fancy features coming along with the great app which include frames, stylized filters, a tilt-shift generator and so forth.


3. Paper Camera

It is one of the best photo apps for Android smart phone and it is free of charge. As its name implies, it has provided many real time cartoon and painting effects painted on your cameras. It offers you a different and innovative way to conduct the post production. You can choose the favorite cartoon effect from various stylish ones and then apply it to the photos. With this amazing app, you will find that a fantastic and cool world in cartoon!

paper camera

4. VSCO Cam

It has already attracted many users with its great features including filters and adjustments. It gives users a better camera control by locking focus, and then edit the pictures on it freely, after editing, users can share the pictures with the same app. See? How great it is! Besides the basic editing elements such as exposure, cropping, temperature, contrast, etc, it also provides a selection of wonderful filters for use. A nice balance between function and sharing photos quickly Moreover, it is quite easy to use this app.
vsco cam

5.3DSteroid Pro

It’s a great app for Android smart phones. It has got many stunning features such as High resolution image saving (Pro version only), Over 1000 images WEB Gallery access, Save displayed image and send the saved file by email, Take L/R pictures with the internal camera and more. By spending only £2, you are can easily create stereoscopic 3D images from the camera on your smart phones.

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Four Free Apps to Make Your Mobile Phone Battery Live Longer

According to an investigation, seven out of ten people all over the world own a mobile phone. What can we learn from that figure? It is an undeniable fact that mobile phone has become an indispensable part in our lives. We send messages, make telephone calls, take pictures, listen to music, watch videos or play games by a “smart” mobile phone. It’s hard to imagine what the life will be like without it.

Despite how great and smart a mobile phone is, there’s something we find it difficult to handle with—the battery! Have you ever encountered the problem of a mobile phone dying? For example, when you are chatting with friends, the alarm rang, telling you that the battery is about to run out and you will have to finish the conversion in a hurry. Isn’t it painful and annoying? Of course, there are some tips to help save the battery, for instance, reduce the screen brightness , disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, lower the ring tone volume or even forbidden the internet surfing. However, all of the tips cannot help a lot. Here are four free apps that can be of great help to extend your mobile battery life.


1. Clean Master

This app can not only help you to save the battery power, but helps to release the memory space as well. Some graphs will show you how much space has been used and how much is left on the SD card. It will look for the cached files produced by all of the mobile apps and helps you to get rid of them.

2. Easy Battery Saver

There are several power-saving modes for choice. It helps to minimize the power consumption by reducing the power-gulping activities such as the wireless networks. The most fantastic feature is the main dashboard which can keep track of the running apps, report users about the battery status and gives suggestions such as turn off the wi-fi, Bluetooth, GPRS or reduce the screen brightness, etc. Besides, it will tell you by a graph that which apps are using the most battery power.

3. Battery Saver

Called as it is, this app is specially developed to help save the battery power. It will show you how much the mobile phone’s power is left as well as how much battery power will be extended if you turn off some running apps or disable some functions such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The app will also notify you to begin charging the mobile and stop the charging, besides, it will show you the system information, loads of optimization tips and more.

4. Battery Doctor Pro

It monitors your iOS mobile devices usage all the time. By turning down some running apps that you are not using, it helps to extend the battery life. Also, it has got a graph showing the current battery charge clearly for you. There are multiple nice little touches. For example, the Task Clear button enables you to get rid of the running apps quickly. Also, you can see clearly which of your apps uses the most power from the Usage List. Another useful feature is its “maintain” submenu, which recommends how far to let your battery run down before a recharge to get the maximum life out of the battery. Always keep in mind that never charge your mobile phones too often, or the battery life will be shorten.

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10 Best Online Flash Games

Besides watching videos, playing Flash game has ranked to be the second major way of relaxing. The fast development of web-based graphics technology has witnessed the increasingly popularity of Flash games. It is said that up to 40% people all over the world would spend 1-2 hours every day on playing the online Flash games. Having a research on the internet, we can see that there are lots of creative flash games websites available with various types of games: action, puzzles, adventure, shooting, racing and many others. Those Flash games are very easy to play and they do have attracted thousands of players. Perhaps the most important aspect of the Flash games’ popularity is the easy-access and cross-platform capabilities. That is to say, they can be played online or offline without requiring the installation of other software or plug-in like Java or Flash Player.

The following Flash games are considered to be most popular online Flash games. If you are always fond of playing games, why not check them out for fun.


1. Angry Birds

Yes, it is not a NEW game and I bet most of players have played it already. It is absolutely a good news if you own an iPhone or android phone, so that you can play the game online with friends for much fun.

2. Throw Paper

Perhaps this is one of the easiest games ever, but it does attract many players. All you should do is to throw a ball of paper into the trash bin. To make it a little harder, there will be a breeze of wind blowing and the direction of the paper ball will tip up.

3. The Helicopter Game

Just like the “Throw Paper”, this Flash game is also quite simple. However, it’s still really addictive and brilliant! It is all about controlling the helicopter to make it fly higher and longer sounds too easy, right? Well, don’t rejoice too soon. There will be loads of blocks in the way, trying to interrupt you and stop the helicopter from flying any further. Winning the game requires close attention and patience.

4. Puzzle Pinball

It is an inventive logic game. You are given the specific time and several pin balls. Your goal is to get the pinball going through the exit in the shortest time possible. You can use different methods and mechanics to achieve the objective.

5. Gravity Pods

It is a kind of shooter /puzzle game related to the gravity. The concept of the game is that: you use a gun to shoot a projectile at a target, and there will be some barriers to stop you, then, you can place Gravity Pods around the screen, bend the path the projectile takes, so that it goes around walls, down halls, curves back on itself etc. The first level is very easy, but with more and more elements emerging, it will be harder and harder.

6. Penguin jumping

This game is loved by lots of teenagers. It is a briefly diverting thing, but is amazingly surreal. You just need to select a penguin onto a diving board, make him perform a triple-somersault-with-pike or whatever you like, and get judged on height, rotation and angle of entry by a baby seal, a walrus and a (presumably extremely lost) polar bear.

7. Crimson Room

It is a very popular online strategy game. You are trapped in an odd, unfamiliar room. What you need to do is to find a way to escape by observing the environment and collecting and finding as many useful objects as possible.

8. Super Mario World

You never know how many people out there love this cute Mario. You objective is to guide this fat Italian plumber through a weird cartoon world, eat as many coins as possible, jump on mushrooms, tackle with the “enemies” and rescue the princess.

9. Blocky

It’s a very addictive game with much fun and challenges. As you can see, many colored squares are laying all about. First, you need to specify the four corners with the same colors, and then drag a rectangle with the mouse, afterwards, release your mouse, and the squares inside the rectangle will be collected.

10. Stick Cricket

It is probably the game which’s the most frequently cited on P45s. This game is all about the timing and reactions, which is the reason why many players are monumentally bad at it.

If you would like to download the online Flash SWF games, so that you can play them on your own computers, feel free to get help from the professional SWF to Video Converter.

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Four Tips on How to Spot the Facebook Scam

Millions of people own a Facebook account, so do you, right? Have you ever met such situation before: a Facebook friend posts a link to a video saying that it’s awesome and kind of unbelievable? You want to click and check it out, but wondering whether it’s a scam or not. Yes, this is often the case. With more and more social networking websites, it’s quite easy for scammers to take advantages of the unsuspecting users on Facebook, Vemio and other websites. As Graham Cluley, an independent security expert at security firm Sophos said, “before social networking, you had to consciously forward an email with malicious content to members of your address book, but now with Facebook, it’s just too easy to pass something along. You can click a link, ‘like’ a post or reshare something without thinking about the consequences. Before you know it, you’ve contributed to the problem and worsened the signal-to-noise ratio on the social network.”

Generally speaking, a Facebook scam has got four common characteristics; therefore, it is not difficult to spot the scams by following some useful tips as below.

Tips 1. The Content is salacious. Be alert if the post contains something shocking, horrible or salacious. Besides, the language used is usually emotional, enticing you to click or take immediate action, Cluely said. Sometimes, you will find some posts promising a peek into celebrity sex tape, please ignore it directly.

Tips 2. Extract steps to view more details are required. On Facebook, there are many types of scams while survey scams the most popular one. You will get a big prize like an iPhone or iPad on the premier that you have finished the specific questionnaire. In fact, this is the way how the scammers make money—by driving traffic to particular sites. For example, the post reads “Get an iPhone 5 from Costco Voucher Right Now! Only ten left!” When you click the post, you will be asked to share the “Offer” with more friends or post something nice about Costco. In this case, you should read through the content of the post and ask yourself “What am I going to get from this?”, if you are asked to accomplish a survey or download & install certain software before you know what’s expected to get, the alarm bell is ringing and you should pay more attention to it.

Tips 3. The content of the post seems newsworthy and it promises to offer something extraordinary to the public. Occasionally, Facebook scammers will take advantage of the popular or unexpected news. For instance, they may share a post announcing the death of a celebrity and claiming that they will offer the final pictures of the celebrity’s life. When you click the post, you are clicking an invisible Like button, actually. That means, your Facebook friends will soon see the post that you “Like” and they will likely share it as well, that’s how the scams spreads. Before you are going to click the post for viewing, Cluley said, you can google the news to check whether it’s true or not.

Tips 4. The post promises Facebook users something beyond Facebook’s technical power to deliver or not plan to do. For example, they may announce that Facebook has made some new features or privacy change. One typical example is the “Graphic App” privacy warning hoax, in which users share a message warning of a change in Facebook’s privacy settings. The message inaccurately warns of the privacy implications of Facebook’s Graph Search, which recently rolled out to all users. “Before you are going to share this warning, you should verify the trueness of the rumor or news first.” Cluley said. Additionally, Cluley also gave some advice such as enhancing your Facebook’s password, check for updates, plugins or patches on Facebook regularly and more.

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Duolingo Language Learning Website Brings its App into iPhone and iPad

Does the word “Duolingo” ring a bell to you? Going public in June, 2012, this free of charge on-line language learning website has attracted over 5 million people all over the world as of June, 2013. It is specially designed for the people who would like to learn a foreign language but reluctant to attend the boring learning courses. Duolingo is more convenient, interactive, interesting and efficient than the common courses. It is worth mentioning that Duolingo has got its own unique business model, which enables this great learning website completed free. Many companies will pay for Duolingo to help translate various documents which need to be translated. On the other hand, users can take this great opportunity to practice their language skills by translating these uploaded documents. This, to a certain extent, is in the interests of three sides: users can free practicing, companies get what they pay for and Duolingo make profit to keep itself innovating.

Good news is that, starting from July 11th, 2013, Duolingo makes it possible for all iPhone and iPad users to access its language-learning app. In this way, it makes their breaks and commutes more productive with iPhone and Android apps. It is said that Apple iPad will be Duolingo’s first mobile app to implement the company’s innovative monetization strategy. Interestingly, the learning process is breaking down into two sections: digestible chunks and rewarding for the progress, therefore, a user account is required for logging so as to keep track of the learning process. A single username/password combination or sign in with Face book is allowed. The provided learning modules include English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Users can choose their favorite languages to learn as they wish. As we know, picking up a language is a slow process which should be conducted step by step, which’s fully realized by Duolingo. Starting off with basic words, simple sentences, and then moves into difficult content such as vocabulary, long sentences, Duolingo app gives enough time to get accustomed to the learning environment. Check out more information about Duolingo app on the iOS App Store.

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Doremisoft to Launch DVD Maker for Windows Users

At a press conference held on Monday this week, Vincent Wong, CEO of Doremisoft Software Co., Ltd. announced that they have developed and launched a new software product called the DVD Maker particularly serve for Windows OS users. For years, Doremisoft’s Mac DVD Maker has provided Mac OS users with practical solutions and fantastic user experience in creating DIY home DVD movie, burning DVDs, etc., for which Doremisoft has gained great popularity in the consumer software industry. In view of that, Many Windows users expected that Doremisoft can offer the same useful program for them, and now they finally have it!

Doremisoft DVD Maker is an all-in-one DVD creator for Windows users to creat and burn video to DVD. Supported input video formats include but not limited to AVI, Divx, Xvid, WMV, MP4,M4V,MPG, MOV, FLV, 3GP, XAVC, MXF, AVCHD, MTS, MOD, etc. Additionally, it can also save DVD movie files into DVD folder or ISO file on Windows (Windows 8 included). “Moments may fade away, but joys and love will always stay!” Said Vincent Wong. With Doremisoft DVD Maker, users can easily memorize all the important events in life with DIY DVDs.

Doremisoft DVD Maker

Key Features of DVD Maker

# Support virtually all video formats like MP4, AVI, HDV, WMV, MOV, MTS, M2TS, MKV
# Burn downloaded videos and movies from YouTube, LimeWire, Torrent, Google, etc. to DVD
# Diversified DVD menu templates: cartoon series, life series and the nature series
# Add personalized images, background music, subtitles, buttons to the DVD videos
# Fantastic disc DIY features and video editing features to personalize DVD content
# Preview the output videos before burning a DVD with the built-in player
# DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-R DL, DVD+R DL, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM supported.
# Select proper output format from DVD or ISO to burn the video
# Support OS: Windows 8/7/XP/Vista

About Doremisoft
Doremisoft is a well-known comprehensive third-party video/audio tools developer who has gained great reputation from numerous users worldwide. Doremisoft video tools offer users multiple solutions for common videos, HD videos, audios, DVDs, and more.

Email: support@doremisoft.com
Website: http://www.doremisoft.net

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A Glimpse at LG’s upcoming Optimus G2

Couples of days ago, an official invitation was sent out by LG, suggesting that it would like to show us something special—most likely to be “Great 2 Have You”—reference to the rumored G2 flagship at the New York gathering on August 7th. Although, there’s very little key information we can access to, since LG is coy of displaying the phone itself, we could infer that it would be a smartphone-centric affair based on the LG and Qualcomm’s recent teasing, claiming that a Snapdragon 800 CPU would be featured for new Optimus G packing. As the saying goes “A tossed stone raises a thousand ripples”, much discussion and speculation about the mysterious “LG G2” provoked in public. Although there’s still one month before we can figure out a lot more, some details provided by the anonymous tipster gives us a pretty clear idea of what it’ll look like.

As shown in the picture, most design elements of this G2 flagship fall in line with its prior Nexus series (made by LG). At the bottom of the phone shipped the USB connector, while there is one speaker on each side of it. Besides, the power button, camera and volume keys are integrated onto the upper back so as to keep the phone in an ultra-thin design. However, some people are wondering that “I still didn’t understand the logic of mounting those keys on the back? How is it possible to manipulate those keys when placed on the back of the phone?”. Furthermore, we can see clearly from the image that, the rumored G2’s 5.2-inch, 1080p display is surrounded by very little bezel, making it appear near edge-to-edge, “a phone with buttonless front? doesn’t appeal to me,” a said one user disappointedly. As for the camera UI and LG’s various lock screen options, we don’t know much about them—likely have to wait till August 7th. Will LG bring us any other surprise in this the hot dog summer? Just wait and see.
Update: We’ve received additional photos of the G2’s settings menu confirming this model as a Sprint variant running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.
Update 2: 4Leakz has posted a video (after the break) showing the G2 in action. Reportedly, the phone is “very comfortable” and reminiscent of the Nexus 4, but thinner.

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4K Workflows and 4K Ultra HD TV: Another Tech Revolution

Early this year, Samsung released its first 4K Ultra HD TV at CES 2013. During the show, Samsung claimed that both larger and smaller types other than the initial 85-inch version would come out some. Now it’s apparently ready to fulfill part of that promise, announcing in Korea that 65- and 55-inch models will launch next month. According to Engadget, these smaller models will be priced the $10,000 benchmark compare to the $39,999 MSRP 85S9 UHD TV. The press release quoted that the new model will feature Samsung’s upgradeable Smart TV platform and the “micro dimming ultimate” LED lighting of the larger type, but the odd “Timeless Gallery” frame / stand (pictured above on the 85-incher) was not included.

Consumer electronics companies are hoping 4K Ultra High Definition TV will be the next big thing, but parts of the TV biz are proceeding like it’s already here.

The new-fashioned 4K TVs aren’t even placed in U.S. families yet, but already select TV pilots are being made by Sony Pictures Television with digital-cinema cameras to future-proof the TV shows for the time when 4K is widely applied. Sony’s partner the Cabler 3Net is future-proofing with its Total D strategy, producing programs in 2D and 3D at 4K, 2K and HD resolution. Meanwhile, Netflix’s “House of Cards,” CBS’ “Criminal Minds” and FX’s “Justified” are among the upcoming list of shows filmed with the Red Epic.

Curtis Clark, chairman of American Society of Cinematographers technology committee, believes that the 4K cameras will help deliver superior results than today’s HDTV performance. “It also has an advantage when you’re down-converting that to HD,” Curtis says. “You’re super-sampling or oversampling an image and getting the advantage of that. In a sense it’s like when you scan motion-picture film and show it in HD.”

Although 4K cameras such as the Red Epic and the Sony F65/F55weren’t designed for TV programming, but high-resolution camcorders will absolutely occupy a good position in TV sports soon. Shooting with a 4K camera gives lots of extra pixels to zoom in for replays and still get a full HD TV image, not a fuzzy, pixilated picture.

“Not only can we use the F65s that way, we’ve been using Phantom cameras and other extreme high-speed cameras to do slow motion for sports broadcasting, and it gives us some very effective new looks at an old product,” says David Stump, chair of the camera subcommittee at ASC.

What do you think of 4K Ultra HD TV and the 4K workflows? Do you believe that they will lead another tech revolution? If you have any idea, share with us! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter feeds or the comments below. Appreciated!

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Random Thoughts on the Big Changes Coming to AppleCare This Fall

“In a town hall session held on Thursday, Apple informed tech staff that major changes to the AppleCare and AppleCare+ service programs will be enacted starting this fall, with a broadening of current policies likely to cut costs and make the service more attractive to consumers.” read more from: AppleInsider

It is said that there will be some big changes coming to AppleCare this fall, including warranty subscriptions, in-store iOS device repairs and more. But still there’re a lot we need to consider about: Should we run it through Live Trace? Is there a problem with using the copywritten images proper? …

As neat and painless as it is to walk out with a swapped iPhone in 30 seconds, this sounds more efficient/less wasteful. Less wasted fuel, fewer wasted parts… and no need to restore your old iPhone’s contents to the new one. Waiting for an in-store repair (while you wait, hopefully) may take longer at first–but less pain in the end.

It is quicker the current way, but it has it’s drawbacks even for the end user. I’ve had some kind of manufacturing defect on every iPhone I’ve ever bought so I’ve had the experience of replacing each one of them (one model twice!), and it’s not the rose garden many make it out to be. On top of the fact that you’re $900.00 phone is being replaced with a much cheaper refurbished product (a rip-off in and of itself), there are often problems with the refurbished phone having information in it that ties it to the previous owner.

My current iPhone for example had the previous owners AppleID associated with it (even though it was supposedly completely wiped, refurbished and “new” in it’s refurbished box), and their home phone number as well. This has happened to me several times, so it’s not just a one off either. Up until the iPhone 5, this has never been a big deal, but with the 5, I still to this day have a lot of problems with iTunes in that the ownership of the media on my devices is always in question because somehow Apple’s servers don’t really “believe” that the phone is mine now. Lots of times my music won’t play for instance even though I bought it right on the device with my own Apple ID.

Also, on the initial setup, the ownership of my media was so mixed up, that I had to manually delete all the media off the device and then put it back on item by item. This process took over 2 days to do. Just because some goon at an Apple store gave me a refurbished device that wasn’t properly prepared (in some unexplainable inscrutable way).

I think they should skate a little closer to the law on this one and they wouldn’t have so many problems and pissed of customers. If a brand new iPhone, bought off contract for the full price, and it has manufacturers defects, it’s 100% wrong of Apple to replace it with refurbished junk of lesser quality and value. It’s also technically illegal (at least in my country) if anyone has the money and the time to take them to court over it, or fix the problem in store if they can.

On the flip side however, a part of the reason my experience is so bad, is Apple is far too lenient on most users in terms of AppleCare and repairs. I know people who have got two or three phone replacements for issues that were of their own making. IMO instead of trying to make every cheapskate loser in the world happy and screwing over the customers they have that actually pay for their products, they should be nicer to folks like me and a little less nice to those abusing the current system.

Anyway, this is great. One of the concerns with Apple’s rapid growth over the past decade is keeping up its level of customer service, and while that hadn’t even shown up to be a problem, it’s good to know that Apple just keeps improving it!

What do you think of the new updates? Remember to tell us your thoughts about that on the comments below.

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Six Features You Should Not Miss in Android Jelly Bean 4.2

Android Jelly Bean 4.2 is full of new features. Some are fairly minor adjustments like the Settings shortcut in the notification bar. Other features, such as improved photo editing process, will certainly have a bigger punch on the general user experience.

Now listed here are 5 of the new features of the Android Jelly Bean 4.2 mobile OS, with the sixth feature being a workaround should you decide against lock-screen widgets.

Developer Options
Developer Options is a useful settings function for developers and those who want to “meddle with” their phone. In the Jelly Bean 4.2, Android hid the Developer Options in the Settings menu. But they are not lost; just a few taps and you can get them back.

Lock screen widgets
From the very beginning, widgets have been a key feature of the Android OS, but up until Jelly Bean 4.2, those widgets can only be placed on the home screen. From now on, users can put Gmail and Calendar preview and more widgets to their lock screen. Besides, users also can open the camera app with a single tap after unlock your device.

Disable lock screen widgets
Not a fan of random strangers being able to pick up your device and view previews of your messages or your e-mails? I can’t say I blame you. Even if you delete the widgets from your lock screen, you may not want to see the boxes blink every time you unlock your device. I can’t blame you for that either. Luckily, a developer has released an app to eliminate the widgets and camera shortcut.

Improved photo editing
You may probably have the same experience as mine that ever started to edit a photo but unexpectedly forget what the original photo looked like. It does happen. Usually, we do so much editing only to end up with getting a worse-look photo back in the end. With Jelly Bean 4.2, you can easily reveal the original photo without losing any of the edits you’ve made with only a simple gesture.

Jelly Bean Daydreams
Jelly Bean 4.2 also provides a new screensaver mode, activated while your device is charging or docked. But they are not named as screensavers; instead, Google calls them Daydreams. There’s a total of five preinstalled Daydreams, with a sixth Daydream needed to be unlocked through a secret method. OK, it’s not something top secret, but it’s not somewhat the common user knows about.

Photo Sphere and Google Maps
Photo Sphere is a really cool new feature in Jelly Bean 4.2 that allows users to shoot 360-degree panoramic photos of their surroundings. Once you’re done taking the photo, you’ll have truly created a Photo Sphere and can even use the gyroscope built into your device to view it. Another way you can use your new Photo Sphere is to upload it to Google Maps, making it viewable to Google Maps users.

There are still plenty of new features worth mentioning left in the Android Jelly Bean 4.2. For example, Tablets now have multiple-user support, and there’s even an AirPlay-like feature for sharing content from your device with your TV.

As we continue to learn and use the OS, we will share more features and links to tips and tricks for Android 4.2 Jelly Bean on our FaceBook and Twitter. Tell us what you think about it!

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