Newly Twitter Update for Mac Integrate Photo Sharing Improvements and Retina Support

On Thursday April 25th, 2013, Twitter showed off a long-awaited updated Mac version of its app, featuring a number of key fixes, including easier photo sharing as well as support for Retina displays and more languages. On the imaging side of things, you can now simply click the camera icon in the lower-left corner of the tweet composing module, or just do it as before by the old fashioned way: to drag and drop photos from the desktop. The latest version also finally adds support for Macs with Retina Displays, making it “even more vibrant and detailed on the highest resolution Mac notebooks” such as the Retina Macbook Pro. Also new in this version is 14 new languages, including Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese and Turkish.

“Along with these updates, Twitter for Mac offers keyboard shortcuts, support for multiple accounts and timelines, and other features that you’ve come to love,” Said Twitter for Mac Tech Lead Ben Sandofsky in a blog post Thursday.

The update is now available for downloading in the Mac App Store. It seems like that Twitter has some other goodies on hand, since Sandofsky told Twitter fans to “keep an eye out for more improvements to come.”

Twitter has been a busy bee recently. Twitter last week launched a new music discovery service for the Web and iOS devices named Twitter #music. The new service “uses Twitter activity, including Tweets and engagement, to detect and surface the most popular tracks and emerging artists” Besides, Twitter also said that they were considering new ways to improve the process of using Twitter on Android, which we’ve talked about a week ago.

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iPad 5 Predicted to Be Thinner, Lighter: from KGI Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo

Last autumn, Apple surprised most Apple fans with its introduction to the iPad 4 alongside the iPad Mini that was mostly identical to the third-gen iPad. Some people hoped Apple would fall in line with its yearly upgrade cycle and debut a brand new iPad 5 in March or April, but up to today, there’s still little word from Apple about a fifth-generation iPad. It looks as if that’s not happening.

Ming-Chi Kuo, the analyst from KGI Securities who has on a number of occasions offered accurate information on Apple’s product plans, doesn’t think we’ll see the iPad 5 until this autumn. He believes production for the new device won’t come out until August or September for an autumn debut, roughly one year after the launch of iPad 4. Considering Apple’s silence about any new products this year, Kuo’s prediction makes sense on the surface.

Ming-Chi Kuo recently published a new research note outlining his expectations for Apple’s fifth-generation iPad. “We think the tablet will, at 7.5-8.0mm, be 15% thinner than iPad 4. The new device will likely be about 500 grams, or some 25% lighter than iPad 4, run on an A7X processor, and sport cameras with similar specs to the iPad 4’s (front HD, rear 5MP). The casing shape and color (silver and black) and narrow bezel design will be similar to the iPad Mini’s.”

The forecast of a 7.5-8.0 mm thickness is in step with previous rumors that the next iPad will see an approximately 2 mm reduction from the current 9.5 mm thickness.

Kuo predicts that Apple will adopt the same GF2 touch technology used in the iPad mini, enabling Apple to design a thinner display for the new full-size iPad. In addition, more efficient display and chip technologies are expected to bring down the device’s overall power consumption, allowing for a smaller and thinner battery.

“We therefore think that iPad 5’s battery capacity will be 25-30% smaller, at 8,500-9,000mAh, than iPad 4’s, and the battery’s thickness will be 15-20% smaller, at 7.5-8.0mm, and the number of cells will be reduced to two from three.”

Apple has not announced any new products this year, but it will report its first quarter earnings on April 23. Perhaps some clues will emerge then.

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Have any idea about the fifth generation iPad? Give us your thoughts via our Facebook and Twitter feeds or the comments below.

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Twitter is Considering New Ways to Improve the Process of Using Twitter on Android

Stepping into 2013, more and more companies are showing their interest in Google’s Android OS. About a week ago, FaceBook pluckily designed to upraise its participation in the mobile field with its Android-only replacement, and now followed the Twitter.

Twitter Vice President Michael Sippey seemed to be attracted by the sorts of experiences others have been able to build on top of Android. He confirmed at the D: Dive Into Mobile that Twitter has been considering new ways for Android users to discover Tweets.

“There are a lot of things we’re looking at on Android to make it easier to discover tweets,” Sippey remarked in response to an audience question. He went on to mention that he finds FaceBook Home to be “a very interesting product,” and that he “would like to see tweets there.”

To our disappointment, Sippey didn’t reveal anything further about what exactly the Android-oriented Twitter their experts configuring behind closed doors will be like. However, he did point out the significance of Twitter’s internal hack weeks, quarterly events that their transdisciplinary professionals come together to work on some interesting projects. Yes, the hacks may be rather rough at first, but improving day after day, some of them would turn out to be full-feature products that have ultimately been integrated into Twitter proper (downloadable tweet archives are probably the best example).

The Verge’s Ellis Hamburger points out that unlike FaceBook’s “late night hack”, it wouldn’t be surprised to learn that some of Twitter’s potential Android enhancements came about due to this internal drive to betweenwhiles cobble things together completely. For now Twitter is more than happy to keep these stuffs close to behind doors, but Sippey stated that the team wants to “build the best Twitter” they can, and taking a tighter approach to baking into an immensely popular mobile OS wouldn’t be the worst move Twitter could make.

If you have any idea about the Twitter on Android, give us your thoughts via our Facebook and Twitter feeds or the comments below. Appreciated!

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Sony announces XAVC-S for Consumers, Doremisoft Releases Follow-up Programs

If you were chomping at the bit to create content for the oncoming 4K revolution, Sony has just announced a couple of enhancements to its XAVC video format to help you on your way. Long GOP is a high-efficiency codec designed to meet the requirements of the professional market, while XAVC-S is aimed squarely at consumers with its MP4 wrapping. Of course, both codecs should play nice with Sony’s series of CineAlta cameras (the PMW-F5 is pictured below), which is set to reach over 2,000 units shipped by the end of the month. Sony’s not the only one making XAVC-compatible devices however; over 60 manufacturers have applied for XAVC licenses while 31 others have pledged to support it in their products. Seeing as 4K hardware is finally dipping into affordability, we can’t fault Sony for getting the ball rolling, at least from the creation side of things.
— source from

Since XAVC/XAVC-S is not yet widely spread among the marketplace, not many camcorder editors can really deal with the XAVC files very. In this case, Doremisoft recently has successfully developed the follow-up programs called the XAVC Video Converter and XAVC Video Converter for Mac, which are specially designed for converting the brand new XAVC/XAVC-S format footages to most popular video formats such as XAVC to AVI/XAVC to MOV/XAVC to FLV, so as to save users from the trouble of importing XAVC footages to the professional editors like Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas and more, as well as to help users playing XAVC on the popular portable devices like iPad 4, iPhone 5, Kindle Fire HD, HTC One, Galaxy S4, etc.

For more information about the XAVC and XAVC-S, you can follow them at their Facebook and Twitter. You can also give us your thoughts via our Facebook and Twitter feeds or the comments below.

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Roundup: Top 8 Kindle Fire Apps

Kindle Fire and Fire HD are two of the most popular tablets on the market, but their true value is really a function of what you can do with them. The 25 apps that we’ve included on this list aim to help you use your Kindle Fire to its fullest potential by downloading a wide range of apps for entertainment, productivity, networking, and more. We recommend these 8 Kindle Fire apps.

AndroZip Root File Manager


AndroZip Root File Manager is a powerful file manager that not only contains tools for organizing and locating your files, but compresses files and uses drag-and-drop motions for functionality. It’s an optimized Kindle Fire app as well as a full-service one-stop shop for managing all your file.

Astrid Task & Todo


Astrid Task/Todo is Astrid is more than just the perfect to-do list – it’s the personal assistant you’ve always wanted, with reminders, syncing capabilities, a widget for getting those reminders in front of you faster, and more.

Kindle Fire Video Converter


Have trouble playing some of your media files on your Kindle Fire? Try Kindle Fire Video Converter. It handles all kinds of file formats that Amazon’s tablet doesn’t, such as MP4, MP3, Xvid, and others, so it can help you import media files to your Kindle effortlessly.

Flow Free


Flow Free is a simple yet addictive puzzle game that keeps your mind awake matching colors with pipe to create a flow whether you have 30 seconds of spare time or 45 minutes to kill while sitting in a waiting room. Each level is a progressively more difficult logic puzzle ranging from simple and relaxed, to challenging and frenetic, and everywhere in between.


free to $45 per year for a Premium account

If you weren’t an early adopter of Evernote, a freemium note-taking and organization app that makes it easy to remember things big and small from your everyday life using your computer, phone, tablet and the web, there’s no shame in being a late adopter. Think of Evernote as your digital brain, a place to save your ideas, things you like, things you hear, and things you see. With an incredibly powerful search tool and plenty of space to store all your notes, Evernote is a must-have app on the Kindle Fire.



Imagine creating your own magazines with everything that matters to you from world news to life’s great moments and all your social network feeds, plus updates from the blogs you read and professional editorial content? Here comes the Flipboard! Flipboard may be the best digital magazine you’ll find.

Hulu Plus

free; requires $7.99 per month subscription

The Hulu Plus app is free to download, but a monthly subscription service requires a $7.99/month subscription to watch most contents including TV shows, movies, webisodes and other new media, trailers, clips, and behind-the-scenes footage from NBC, Fox, ABC, TBS, and many other networks and studios. The app also has a selection of free contents, mostly selected episodes or interesting clips from popular TV shows.



LinkedIn mobile is where you can find and connect with over 200 million professionals, get the latest updates, and share your status. If you’re job hunting or self-employed, you can view and save recommended jobs through the site where to keep up with people, and especially for doing a little research on them before you meet. It’s a great app to have on a Kindle Fire for those moments on the go when you need to find a professional contact from your own professional network.

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Former Windows Phone Executive Charlie Kindel Works on “Something Secret” at Amazon

Charlie Kindel, the former Windows Phone  executive, known for building the Windows Phone 7 application platform and 3rd party ecosystem, Windows Home Server, Windows Media Center, and multiple startups, has joined Amazon to head a new and as yet undisclosed project. Kindel left Microsoft in mid 2011 to work on his own companies including BizLogr, but he is “now at Amazon working on something wonderful” described in his LinkedIn page. In the profile, he lists himself as “Director, Something Secret” at Amazon in Seattle. “I’m building a new team going after a totally new area for Amazon.” Said Kindel, “I’m hiring cloud and mobile developers and testers, program managers, and product managers.” judging by which, we can infer that “something secret” may be related to the much-rumored Amazon smartphone.

Before Kindel left Redmond to carry out his own startups, he was a high profile platform evangelist for Windows Phone. But now that he joined Amazon, he may now work on designing a smartphone powered by Android a la the Kindle Fire’s tablets of Amazon. Hints were provided by himself years ago on his personal blog Fragmentation Is Not the End of Android.  So it’s possibly an area he’s been preoccupied with for a while.

Kindel takes up his new role at Amazon, stepping down as CEO of BizLogr while remaining the company’s owner and founder. Kindel joined the company on April 1st, which is traditionally the Fool’s Day. Funny, huh? Many guys speculate that the entire announcement was an elaborate joke, but later Kindel has confirmed the news that he has genuinely joined Amazon via Twitter:

Rumors that Amazon is working on building a smartphone have been doing the rounds for years, although suggestions of a 2012 unboxing proved to be off the mark. Bloomberg also reported Amazon phone rumours last summer. More recently, a deal between Amazon and carrier billing company Bango also hints at possible preparations for a smartphone – although Amazon of course is remaining tight-lipped on the phone rumours.

Are you interesting in the Amazon smartphone? Do you think the online retailer would create a successful handset? Give us your thoughts via our Facebook and Twitter feeds or the comments below.

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iPhone 5s to Announce at a Special Event on June 29

According to a Gizmorati recent report, the Apple iPhone 5s will be released at a special event on June 29 together with the fifth-generation iPad, while CNET cited MacFan’s news that we’ll see the iPhone 5s unveiled on 20 June, and it’ll hit shop shelves in July.

Gizmorati reports that from Apple’s internal information they got, the special event will be named “Original Passion, New Ideas”, and will be carried out at Apple’s headquarter in Cupertino, California.

“The much-rumoured cut-price iPhone could also make its debut in August,” according to CNET report, “though it’ll be targeted at developing markets like China and India, so it might not make it to these shores.”

However, a June launch could well be on the cards since Apple often holds its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) around June. You know, during the past WWDCs, Apple has published in the iPhone 3G/3GS/4 – the only exceptions are the iPhone 4s and iPhone 5, which are unveiled in September – so it is very possible that the 5s to be announced at the same conference.

Product Name Release Date
iPhone 3G June 09, 2008 (Mon)
iPhone 3GS June 08, 2009 (Mon)
iPhone 4 June 8, 2010 (Tue)
iPhone 4S October 4, 2011 (Tue)
iPhone 5 September 12, 2012 (Wed)

This also squares with previous prediction by Apple analyst Gene Munster that the iPhone 5s will launch in late June, as does KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

In addition, since the the iPhone 5 Apple announced in September last year has already been replaced by the Samsung Galaxy S4, which launched just a couple of weeks ago, if Apple doesn’t announce the next iPhone until September, it may surely fall behind Samsung in the market share this year, and will have to bear Samsung’s blowing raspberries and chanting “Our phone is newer than yours” for several months more.

Do you believe that Apple will announce the iPhone 5s in late June? What are you expecting from the iPhone 5s? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page @Doremisoft Software.

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HTC One Overview

To somebody, ONE is just a number, but to HTC, it is a branding strategy. Recent years, nearly the whole foundation of HTC are relying itself on the brand ONE. Look at the ONE lineup, and you’ll notice that this is all the pride and joy of the designers. Here comes the reason: in the overcrowded smartphone market, HTC seems like the underdog to the giants of Apple and Samsung. HTC needs to highlight itself from the field if it even wants to regain the support of consumers.

Along with this goal, HTC One X marked a sounded start last year, and while it didn’t meet the demand the CEO would have liked, the newest model 2013 – simply named the HTC One –takes HTC’s design and imaging chops to the next level, bringing a new UltraPixel camera sensor, a powerful quad-core Snapdragon 600 chip, and a stunning 4.7-inch 1080p display which is great for watching videos with it among other top-shelf specs. However, whether it will appeal to the potential buyers, from another key product announcement’s point of view is remain unknown. It’s got more than a fighting chance.

A recent report said that the HTC One release is facing another delay which cause shortages throughout April and ultimately could push the HTC One release date up against the Samsung Galaxy S4 release. Could this be good news or bad news? For my part, I think it is somewhat piece of good news, since that at least it reflects the fact many people are expecting its debut, isn’t it?

Jason Mackenzie, HTC global sales and marketing president, spoke highly of the demand for the HTC One, calling it the “strongest initial response for any smartphone we’ve ever designed” as well as apologizing for the delay:

“We apologize for this delay and are confident that you will find that the new HTC One will be well worth the wait.”

Well, last but not least, here are the detail specs of the brand new HTC One. Hope that it will wear you out somewhat.

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Roundup: Official Updates for Android Phones and Other

Your tablet/smartphone hasn’t been updated for a long time?  Sometimes, the portable devices can avail of the custom ROMs, bug fixes, maintenance refreshes, and anything in between, but since there’re many floating around, it’s easy for people to get lost in the confusion. To ensure you not to miss the new updates, we’ve integrated every available update, hack, and other jumbly fandangle we could find during the last week and collect them into one convenient roundup. If you find something prapare for your device, please give us a shout at tips at and let us know. Have fun!


  • Motorola Droid RAZR HD: A new update has been approved by Verizon for the Motorola DROID RAZR HD (and its beefier MAXX equivalent). Once updated, the phone will be running build 9.16.6. The update introduces a security fix (be careful rooted users), but improves WiFi connectivity, camera, in-call audio, video streaming, and media sync. The update also brings new security fixes from Google, and resolves some issues that relate to video streaming and USB connections.[Droid Life]


  • LG Thrill 4G: There’s a bit of stigma surrounding the lack of updates for LG smartphones  – Of course I’m talking about AT&T and the LG Thrill 4G – but in a welcome turn of events, AT&T has once again proclaimed its love the Thrill – it’s giving it Ice Cream Sandwich. The update also brings QuickMemo and new lock screen actions to the table, along with quick settings buttons in the notification drawer. Much like the Gingerbread update, ICS comes to the Thrill via LG’s Mobile Support Tool, not over-the-air. Once that’s installed, a simple plug-and-check should push the update to your phone. [Android Police]



  • Samsung Droid Charge: Verizon has prepared an update for one of its earliest LTE smartphones (it’s not Jelly Bean or even Ice Cream Sandwich) that brings Face Unlock and a photo editor to the Gingerbread OS. This release also removes a number of bloatware titles, including VOD, BitBop, Rhapsody, Blockbuster, Tunewiki and Mobile IM. Moreover, “Get Video Calling” has been added as a preloaded app. [Android Police]


  • LG Optimus G: We’ve just received a press release from LG that the update to Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) is now rolling out to the Optimus G on Bell, Rogers and TELUS “late March” in Canada. The update also brings improved touchscreen performance, enhancements to the notification bar and LG’s Quick Translator app. [MobileSyrup]


  • ASUS PadFone: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) is now available as an OTA update for the original PadFone. [@ASUS (Twitter)]


  • ASUS PadFone 2: ASUS has just pushed a number of incremental improvements for the PadFone 2 handset, bringing it to v10.4.12.24, and it contains a whole host of fixes and updates with improved WiFi connectivity and enhancements to the camera’s firmware and optimized the camera’s HDR and automatic brightness control functions.  Users will also discover refinements to the lock screen, contacts app and battery widget, amongst a number of other improvements. [Android Police]


  • Kobo Arc: An update to Android 4.1 is now available for OTA installation to this 7-inch tablet. [PR Newswire]



  • Symbian Belle: Nokia has issued an update for its lineup of smartphones loaded with Belle Refresh. Quite what these are isn’t known, but if you’ve been having SMS issues then give this a try and let us know if your problem has been solved at an only 312KB update. [All About Symbian]
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Galaxy S4 V.S iPhone 5 – How Galaxy S4 Matches up with iPhone5

Samsung with the release of its new Flagship smartphone the Samsung Galaxy S4 has shocked the world, not only for that the phone features some sweet hardware specs, but also because the new model has shipped with some really awesome features that users can avail of in their everyday lives.

As is sporting the Full HD resolution display screen, the Galaxy S4 is so far the most high-tech smartphone in hardware available in the smartphone market now. Since Apple fans might not agree with us on this point, we were writing this post to give a face to face comparison between the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 to end up to questions and allegations.

Since the two flagships offer the best-in-class hardware and have stunning features that could even shame the bigger computers, here we just talk about how the two giants fight against each other.

Design and appearance

By increasing the screen size by another 2 mm, the Galaxy S4 ships with a 5-inch full HD 1080p resolution display. But even so, Samsung has adopted a slim edge design to make the phone as comfortable as possible. As to the iPhone 5, Apple stepped into the 4 inch display based smartphone segment and while the iPhone 5 is the biggest iPhone, it is still the smaller Smartphone as compared to the competition.

iPhone 5 V.S Galaxy S4:
Thick: 7.6mm V.S 7.9mm
Wide: 58.6mm V.S 69.8mm
Weight: 112g V.S 130g

As we can infer here, the iPhone 5 is marginally thinner, smaller, and lighter than the Galaxy S4, but it comes down to personal taste. While the Galaxy S4 is heavier, at 130 grams it isn’t heavy. If you want a big-screen device, go for the Galaxy; if you want something that’s easier to hold, go for the iPhone.


As the table clearly shows, the Galaxy S4’s hardware is superior to the iPhone 5 in almost every way. The Galaxy S4’s cameras are better on paper, but as we know, more megapixels certainly don’t equate to better image quality. The RAM difference is big, though unlikely to have real-world repercussions; the Galaxy S4’s MicroSD slot is a definite edge over the iPhone 5, however.

Operating system

Running on Google’s latest Android Jelly bean 4.2.2 OS, the Galaxy S4 integrates the best of both Google’s technique and Samsung’s touch wiz UI on top of it. Users will enjoy regular upgrades and fixes while all services and ap Continue reading

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