Apple Goes on the Defensive

It is the first time in the iPhone’s six-year life that Apple goes on the defensive with good reason. According to reports, Apple’s international market share is gradually decreasing mainly result from the growth of Android where Samsung has a leadership position as smartphone king, selling over 50 million Galaxy S3s since the launched date.

Note that the Galaxy S3 is just one of dozens of phones Samsung launches on the Android OS every year, so you can see why Apple tend to go on the defensive.

According to a TechCrunch recent report, the Samsung Galaxy S4, the latest generation of Samsung’s flagship series, was debuted on Thursday, March 14. It was quite the spectacle. Two days later, Apple erected the “Why iPhone” page, which lists all the reasons why the iPhone 5 is better and everything else is… well, not.

The “Why iPhone” page claims that the A6 processor and the iPhone 5 battery were ingeniously designed by “Apple Scientists” to provide more power without immolating battery life, in contrast to “settling for a large, off-the-shelf option,” like its rivals.

“Why iPhone” also mentions that the iPhone’s camera is the most popular camera on Flickr. “And while other smartphones simply tout large amounts of megapixels, taking great pictures is about so much more,” quoted from the page. Interesting how major Android competitors, like Samsung and HTC, just recently graduated past the 8-megapixel zone into 13-megapixel territory. Is that coincidence?

Furthermore, it also refers to the Apple iTunes Store, “the world’s most trusted entertainment store” by buying contents from which, the page guarantees, you will never encounter malware. Apple’s Phil Schiller even mock on that in his Tweeter after citing a recent security study that in the fourth quarter of last year, “96 new families and variants of Android threats were discovered,” Schiller told Phandroids to “be careful out there.”— Philip Schiller (@pschiller) March 7, 2013

Phil Schiller even did an interview with the Wall Street Journal a day before the Galaxy S4 officially launched. “When you take an Android device out of the box, you have to sign up to nine accounts with different vendors to get the experience iOS comes with,” said Schiller. “They don’t work seamlessly together.”

“And that is but just a taste of the Android bashing.” reported the TechCrunch, “What’s perhaps most interesting about this newfound defensiveness from Apple is Samsung’s attitude. During the massive Galaxy S4 announcement, it was hard not to notice Samsung’s ego in the whole thing. It’s hard to put a finger on it, but it was more of a sense I got. Samsung officially knows it’s the top global smartphone maker in the world, and more and more you’ll see it start to act that way.”

For instance, the show was held at the great Radio City Music Hall, including minor celebrity appearances and full-on Broadway skits. Usually, the press gets special seats at the front row to these events covered with semi-solid WiFi. At Samsung’s unveiling, we were crowed in struggled to get a glance at the Galaxy S4 announcement. It’s Samsung’s big phone, and it’s so big they don’t even care if we can cover it.

In the mean time, Apple seems to retrogress into a defensive position, surprising us no more with news in the middle of an Apple-free meeting or laughing at cuts from Google or Samsung.

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Guidelines on How to Switch from iPhone to Android Freely

When you are using iPhone, it needs to keep jail-breaking to get personal things like live wallpaper. What a nuisance! While compared with the devices running Android such as Samsung Galaxy S4, things become much easier. Therefore, many iPhone users who are already sick and tired of being tied into Apple begin to find a way to switch iPhone over to the Android. Provided here are the guidelines for your easy reference.

Before the transition, please make sure a couple of things as below:
• You have iTunes installed and synced with your iPhone
• You’re using the computer you sync your iPhone with
• The computer you are using is running Windows XP SP3, Vista or 7
• You have your Android phone with a Micro SD card and know how to access the files on it.
Provided that all parameters above are met, we can start the free switching from iPhone to
Android now.

1. Switching the CONTACTS

The following information in the CONTACTS will be moved over from iPhone to Android.
• People’s names and job titles
• Company names
• Email and postal addresses
• Phone numbers
• IM names, including the type of service
• Notes
According to Google, the steps are quite easy, please refer to the below:
• Connect your iPhone, iPod, or iPod Touch to your computer using the USB cable.
• Open the iTunes application.
• Select your iPhone and click the Info tab.
•Check the Sync Contacts with option and select Google Contacts from the drop-down menu.
Click Configure and enter your Google username and password.

2. Switching the Email, Exchange and Calendar

In spite of the rumor that Android doesn’t handle Exchange as well as iPhone does, it’s still worthy doing so. It’s not difficult at all to switch the Exchange, pretty much like opening an Email app on the Android phone and then setting up an Exchange account. For the users who don’t run HTC Sense, as called UI that integrates the Exchange calendar into the phone’s calendar, some software with your outlook client connected to Exchange should be installed to sync up the Exchange email together with your calendar.

3. Switching anything else

As for other things such as photos, music and videos, etc. that are stored locally in the iPhone, it’s pretty easy to have them switched to Android. Just locate them on to the computer and then move them over to the Android phone’s Micro SD. The photos will be viewed in much the same way as on your iPhone. It’s also OK to play the videos which are ripped from DVDs or shot by yourself; however, maybe a third-party media player app is needed.
For example, if you are switching videos from iPhone/iTunes to Samsung Galaxy S4, which runs Android and is said to be launched pretty soon, you will have to install a third-party media player app to get iTunes M4V videos played smoothly. Some people may find it kind of troublesome. Yes, it is. But now, we have got another good way to solve this – What we need is just a smart Mac Video Converter.

Free switching from iPhone to Android, and have fun!

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Google Field Trip on iOS -Your Hidden Tourist Guide

Having launched the new local search app, called Google’s city guide app Field Trip for Android smart phones in September, 2012, Google Field Trip was finally available on Apple’s iOS in March, 2013.

Google is trying every effort and doing continuing great investment in local search and the Field Trip, as it is called, is exactly one of the latest exemplar. It is a voice-powered mixture, combing a hyper-local discovery tool and one of those guidebooks sold in tourist bookshops all over the world. It can detect your location via cell tower, Wi-Fi or GPS. In the meanwhile, you can find out the best places for shopping, eating, and enjoying yourself. This program runs in the background in the phone. When walking close to the places that you are interested in, a card with the details of the place pops up on the screen automatically for your reference. One cooler thing is that it can read the information to you when you connecting a handset or Bluetooth to the mobile phone. Also, you can customize your favorite catalogues such as historic places, lifestyle, offers and deals etc, based on which, Google Field Trip will throw the related information for your choice. Field Trip also provides Daily Special Offers on food, movies and entertainment, etc. With this wonderful tool, you are able to go anywhere and have fun freely; it is just like having a local friend with you as you’re travelling around the city.

“Our goal is to figure out what the one thing you need right now is, and deliver that to you,” said Google’s vise president John Hanke. “A lot of our users need assistance the most when they’re traveling. It helps to establish better connection between people and the real world around them”.

As seen from the picture below, the outlook of Field Trip on Android looks almost the same as that on iOS with clean and colorful user interface. Besides, lots of publications, TV networks, magazines and consumer brands are partnering with Google, offering lots of useful suggestions. In that way, Google Field Trip is becoming a huge POOL with rich and complete information.

However, this Field Trip is only compatible for iPad but without tablet-optimized version. Oops sorry for the iPad users!

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Samsung Galaxy S4 to launch on March 14, 2013

After the blockbuster success of Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung fans’ enthusiasm to Galaxy S line tends to be on the rise. As one of the most famous brands in the world, Samsung always sets its sights on product innovation. A series source quotes claim that Samsung is putting the final touch to its fourth-generation flagship handset– presumably to be called the Samsung Galaxy S4. Here, let’s round up the latest speculation to see what it would be like and the people’s expectation for this “mysterious” product.

Beginning with the body, rumor says that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be in black and white. Size in 140.1×71.8×7.7mm and weighs 138g, it is only 0.1mm thicker and 26gm heavier compared with that of iPhone5.

Next comes to the inside part, according to New York Times, Samsung Galaxy S4 will adopt a much more advanced processor- the Exynos 5 Octa CPU whose running speed will be up to 1.8GHz. Powered by this amazing processor with a whopping eight cores based on AMD’s big LITTLE architecture, the battery life will be extended to be longer since there are four powerful cores to perform the phone’s power-hungry functions while the other four handling other simple tasks. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S4 will include a 5in Full HD display with 1920×1080 resolutions. Slightly less than the newly-launched HTC ONE whose pixel density is 469ppi, the amazing display of Samsung Galaxy S4 will come out with around 440 pixels per inch (PPI). “That’s very excited and it’s exactly what I’m expecting for”, said a Samsung fan. News from CNET reports that the camera of Samsung galaxy S4 adopts the new photography technologies. With this 13-megapixel rear camera with 1080p video capability, a 2-megapixel front-facing camera, S4 can capture 300 percent more light than current competing Smartphone sensors.

CNET also claims that Samsung Galaxy S4 will include Eye-Scrolling technology that turns your eyeballs into page strollers. With this “Smart Scroll” function, you’ll be able to control it with your eyes. Yes, you read that correctly, your eyes! Also, the phone will pause videos when it detects the users’ heads moving away from the screen.

Another big news that should be on our wish list is the fact that Samsung Galaxy S4 is to run Android 4.2 with its own Touch Wiz 6.0 user interface over the top. Used by all of Samsung’s Android devices, including its smart phones, tablets and the Galaxy Camera, Touch Wiz makes major aesthetic changes to Android and brings Samsung’s ‘designed for humans, inspired by nature’ theme introduced last year with the S3 to the forefront of every device.

However, it’s not all about what’s rumored, although MOST of which haven’t already been given the green light, we’re still allowed to dream about a perfect phone, right?
So what is your opinion and what other new features you want to see when the Galaxy S4 finally launches?

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Pros and Cons of Google Chromebook Pixel (64GB, LTE)

Google Chromebook Pixel (64GB, LTE)

Google will never forget the fact that its foundation is based on experimentation. Taking this into consideration, Google has launched the Chromebook Pixel (64GB, LTE) to the world for both supporters and doubters. In general, the Chrombook Pixel is basically a stunning ultrabook with a brilliant display. Like all other kinds of ultrabooks, it performs perfectly when connected to the Internet as it avails of the substantial infrastructure which was built up by Google over the past 15 years; whereas to work without the Internet, the Chromebook Pixel seems like throwing itself into the shade. Chromebook is a radiant product in the long term category of what Google plans to flesh out in the following few years. In early 2013, the Chromebook Pixel could be a luxurious experiment that shows potential, but since it is the very first generation new fella in the market, it is definitely dependent on favorable objective factors.

SPEC DATA: Google Chromebook Pixel (64GB, LTE)


Chromebook comes with 3-year 1TB Google Drive subscription, LTE service (100MB/month), a brilliant display and a backlit keyboard. It boots and runs quickly, providing 12 free Gogo Internet passes with self-updating and cloud.


It only has a four-hour battery life. Some reverberations from keyboard and chassis are at high volume levels. The local storage is only 64GB of, even without USB 3.0 ports. Internet access is not ubiquitous and cheap (yet). Loud fan noise.


Google Chromebook Pixel (64GB, LTE) is a luxury and stunning ultrabook that has high demand on Internet access so as to work at its best. If you choose the expensive multi-GB Verizon 4G LTE data plan and have quick access to power, the Chromebook Pixel would be a good choice. However, there still are some first-generation problems to solve before the Chrome OS has its day.

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iPhone 5 Market Share in China

In spite of the launch of the iPhone 5 by the end of last 2012 in China, Apple’s iPhone 5 market share in the nation barely grew during the fourth quarter last year, according to Canalys the research firm.

iPhone 5 is currently the lightest and thinnest iPhone model. After a total re-design, it is equipped with a newly-made 4-inch Retina display and an Apple’s self-designed ultrafast A6 chip, and it supports speedy wireless technology. The combination of all these performances provides even a longer battery life. iPhone 5 runs iOS 6 system, which includes more than 200 new features, new-function-added Siri included and Mandarin supported.

It is difficult to compare the sales data to that of iPhone 4S during the launch last year. And the popularity of iPhone 5 is not enough to support Apple’s penetrating China’s smartphone market share. However, Apple believes that “iPhone 5 is enjoying a much stronger launch than its predecessors”, and the availability of iPhone 5 in over 100 countries by the end of December will make it the fastest iPhone rollout ever.

“Customer response to iPhone 5 in China has been incredible, setting a new record with the best first weekend sales ever in China. China is a very important market for us and customers there cannot wait to get their hands on Apple products.” said Tim Cook in the press release.

Note: Just get your new iPhone 5 and don’t know how to enjoy video on it? Please ask Doremisoft Video Converter or Video Converter for Mac for help!

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iPhone Video App Givit Integrates Sharing to Twitter

Like most of us, you may also have got lots of video clips on your phone and want to make it easier to edit them on your phone and render them into sharable clips. Givit, the famous iPhone video editing app offering easy way for users to personalize video highlight reels, now announces its latest version that focuses on sharing and importing videos from more new sources.

By integrating with Twitter and taking advantage of Twitter Cards, Givit now enable users to share videos directly to the SNS and watch them on the Twitter website or apps. Besides, this iPhone app has improved its editing workflow that users can highlight videos within it even when recording. With this new feature, users can easily recognize which parts of the videos they’d like to keep. Another thing that worth focusing on is the frame-by-frame controls and advanced editing features together with the ability to add new videos at any time, which makes it better for clipping.

However, Givit is not satisfied with only adding these new features so that it attempt to give users the ability to load videos from other sources by connecting itself to Dropbox and SkyDrive, which makes accessing video content there easier. In this way, it increases the potential amount of content that they can edit and the number of videos that can be shared. Good news, isn’t it?

Apart from Givit, Doremisoft Video Converter and Video Converter for Mac are also among the strongly-recommended video editing tools list for mobile devices like iPhone and iPad. Refer to them and see if they help.

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FaceBook Poke Ranks #1 on Apple Store within Only A day after Its Release

Obviously, you may not be the only one who felt excited about FaceBook’s launch of Poke, a utility app for iOS. But to my surprise, this standalone app, as the Next Web reports, has hit the No.1 free app spot on Apple App Store within only a day after its first release.

Apparently, big companies like FaceBook and Google, will enjoy a sweet holiday thanks to Apple and iOS. It is unusual that such a utility or say special app reaches the top of free apps. Just like what Google Map did the week before, FaceBook Poke would probably do so as well.

What’s the special meaning of this, to consumers and to Apple? Believe it or not, most of iOS users, especially newbies, are more or less swayed by “what’s hot on the app store”. Therefore, it is very important the leaderboard for new users to get into the app ecosystem. Although Apple always will highlight the best and brightest of its technology to consumers, the leaderboard shows what users really like. Well, today, Poke is crowned.

Holding the No.1 position of the free apps is like having a bestselling shop in a super mall, however, new “hot” apps will spring out and reach the top quickly as Poke did. Thus, the main difficulty is to remain on top for a few more days. Can FaceBook manage this? Let’s wait and see!

Note: If you are seeking the hottest video tools, I personally would like to recommend you Doremisoft Video Converter for Mac (Video Converter) and Doremisoft Mac DVD Maker.

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Fujifilm New Model Camera X20 and X100s

Recently, Fujifilm released 2 cameras – the latest Fujifilm new model X20 and X100s. Fujifilm X20 and Fujifilm X100s are the direct successors to the superb X10 and X100 Fujifilm camera. Never before has a DSLR or LEICA can match the X100’s and X20’s stunning performance to match the built-in fill-flash to ambient light for natural results. The X100 and X20 also have better performance to “pull great color, exposure and auto white balance out of any crazy lighting situation, and nail it all dead-on on the first shot with no twiddling”.

Both of X20 and X100s look like their previous generations from outside, and they are based on Digicam-info’s images as well. However, they are reported to follow the X-series up to the X-Pro1 in dealing with the auto-focus performance. From Photo point of view, “the two shooters will switch to a newer, faster hybrid (both contrast and phase detection) focusing system that also includes Sony NEX-style manual focus peaking, which provides a rough visual guide as to when a subject is as sharp as possible.”


Fuji X100s Specifications:
16.3 million pixels APS-C X-Trans CMOS II sensor
L: (3:2) 4,896 x 3,264 / (16:9) 4,896 x 2,760 / (1:1) 3,264 x 3,264
M: (3:2) 3,456 x 2,304 / (16:9) 3,456 x 1,944 / (1:1) 2,304 x 2,304
S: (3:2) 2,496 x 1,664 / (16:9) 2,496 x 1,408 / (1:1) 1,664 x 1,664
EXR Processor II
Hybrid Viewfinder (OVF / EVF)
FUJINON 23mm F2 ASPH lens
Intelligent Hybrid AF (with the world’s claimed fastest AF speed of 0.08 sec.)
Start-up time: 500 ms.
Shutter delay: 10 ms.
Minimum interval between shots: 500 ms.
High-contrast and wide viewing-angle 2.8-inch Premium Clear LCD (460K dots)
Super Intelligent Flash
Burst shooting rate of up to 6 FPS at full resolution (31 frame buffer)
Focus Peaking
“Digital Split Image” display
Artistic filters – yawn.
1080/60p and 1080/30p video with built-in stereo mic.
NP-95 Li-ion battery
126.5 x 74.4 x 53.9mm / 5.0 x 2.9 x 2.1in (Minimum thickness: 31.0mm / 1.2in.)
15.7 oz. (445g) with battery and memory card.

Fujifilm has long been one of the leaders in camera field, focusing on making best-in-class cameras. As the camera producing technique becoming more and more mature, people today are eager to own one Fujifilm camera. With Fujifilm, we can take photos and videos in great quality and, with the help of some third party software, we can even easily burn Fujifilm videos to DVD on Mac or convert Fujifilm to mobile devices like iPad and iPhone on Mac by an Mac AVCHD Video Converter for playback.

X20 and X100s are the compact cameras point-and-shooters have been waiting for. Now that they are officially unveiled at CES 2013 and brought out for some shutterbug time at CP+ in Japan, we may have the access to experience Fujifilm X20 and Fujifilm X100s by ourselves now. Will this be another surprise to us shutterbugs? Let’s wait and see!

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First-hand Experience & Short Review on BlackBerry 10

I once avoided getting a word in on BlackBerry 10, but a few days ago, I have bought this excellently reviewed and assessed handset and, now that I had the opportunity to play and test the device directly, I’m going to give a proper short review here.

As the BlackBerry’s first handset that runs BB10 OS, its hardware feels largely similar to those first-line Android/Windows Phone, with a dual-core 1.5GHz CPU, 16 GB of storage, and a 1280×768 pixel touch-screen.

On one hand, BlackBerry 10 is beautiful enough in designing. It takes users a few seconds to learn how to use the swipe UI – onscreen tips are provided – but once you learn the ropes of it, the operation is quite easy. On the other hand, the built-in apps are innovative and imaginatively developed and the messaging is as excellent as expected. However, the browser isn’t as good as others since it doesn’t actually navigate to full web pages and, copying text from the entry fields and elsewhere is fussy. Anyway, it’s a strong beginning for a brand new mobile operating system.

Apart from the overall functionality, the BB10 OS is derivative and far more different from the previous BlackBerry environment so that it may scare off some BlackBerry fans. The value of a phone with a keyboard is therefore subdued by Android Phones and iPhones as arguably more powerful and full-featured.

To be frank, BlackBerry 10 worked nicely in my tests, but it is, as far as I am concerned, still a work in progress. I appreciated some things a lot, including its newly designed virtual keyboard and camera, and the way it collects all your data into a single Hub. But it will run with just part of the applications available from its competitors, and is lack of some very popular titles. It also misses its own cloud-based eco-system for saving and sharing data, just like the Apple’s iCloud or Google Drive. And there are other missing or lagging features.

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