The DISH Hopper being the “Best of CES”, CES Seeks New Awards Partner?

CES announced DISH’s Hopper with Sling technology built-in to be the “Best of Show” 2013, which is a great honor it shares with winner the Razer Edge for the international CES show. The decision came out following the exposure that CNET was compelled to move the Hopper away from consideration by its parent company CBS who is presently involved in legal proceeding with DISH against the functionality of Hopper.

Together with the approval of the award, CES also indicated that it will launch an RFP looking for a new strategic partnership for the “Best of CES” awards, because it no longer has enough confidence in CNET, doubting whether the relationship with CNET will continue to be beneficial for the CES brand.

Karen Chupka – CEA SVP of Events and Conferences – said in the press conference: “CES has enjoyed a long and productive partnership with CNET and the Best of CES awards. However, we are concerned the new review policy will have a negative impact on our brand should we continue the awards relationship as currently constructed. We look forward to receiving new ideas to recognize the ‘best of the best’ products introduced at the International CES.”

The source of the legal dispute between CBS and DISH is the function of the DISH Hopper with Sling that it can record and replay programs within a 24 hour window after its broadcasting without advertisements. CEA along with other tech groups put up a brief in support of DISH last week, since the company is obviously longing for standing itself off the editorial decision made by CNET and its parent firm.

Gary Shapiro, on behalf of CEA, came out in strong support of the DISH Hopper in a statement in the press conference:

We are shocked that the ‘Tiffany’ network which is known for its high journalistic standards would bar all its reporters from favorably describing classes of technology the network does not like. We believe that the DISH Hopper DVR is fully covered by the Supreme Court’s ruling in Sony Corp. of America v. Universal City Studios Inc. The simple fact is making television easier to watch is not against the law. It is simply pro-innovation and pro-consumer.

The incidental consequence for CNET has already issued in the quit of Greg Sandoval from the workgroup. He handed in his resignation, quoting a lack of confidence in CBS’s promise to editorial independence as his reason.

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X-Phone project gets serious as Motorola Post jobs on LinkedIn

Rumors about Motorola and Google’s secretive X-Phone project have been spreading like wildfire for weeks now, but those rumors may become facts as Motorola Mobility has posted a job listing on LinkedIn hiring a Senior Director of Product Management for the X-Phone.

The job posting stated that it was hunting for experienced individuals to be engaged in a “next generation Smartphone Platform” helping with development and execution. Actually, it wasn’t long at all before Motorola yanked the listing, but you can still check the job list on Motorola’s website, though without any referring to the X-Phone.

There’s nothing technical but generically the job role and company introduction in the rest of the listing so those who hope for a better understanding of what the X-Phone will bring to the table would be a little disappointed. Many may notice that the phone is still a work in process. Therefore, there’s no possibility of launch at the May 2013 Google I/O developer conference. Since the employment has just started, you might have to cool your enthusiasm done.

The Journal’s recent report pointed that “X-Phone could be a high-end flagship device meant to better compete with the likes of Samsung and Apple (an approach that mobile also-ran Sony may soon run with), as well as greater focus on camera performance and design.”

There are rumors that the X-Phone will be sold at $299 unsubsidized for “all carriers”, but the X-Phone will not be a Nexus device. For alternative, it is said to be sporting a brand new skin developed by Motorola on top, and its name, X-Phone, is a meaning of the phone being a cross-carrier device.

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What Sony Should Do to Make PlayStation 4 Successful

According to the hype, Sony is about to release its next generation PlayStation at a February 20 event. The publication of the new PS4 game console sounds all good, but once the announcement come out and the reveal has been made, the actual difficult task happens to Sony: how to make the next generation PlayStation successful in the new era? The other rivals in the game console field, such as Microsoft and Nintendo, are also launching new consoles and thus the platform wars are on the verge of breaking out anew. Sony has gained big market share with the PS3, but in order to make the PS4 even more successful, it’s going to need to put some snap in it in a few areas.

Focus more on exclusive games

Exclusive game is the most important factor for the success of a game console. Excellent games that players can’t access anywhere else will always attract more consumers than flashy technical specs. Although these days game console developers would rather make timed-exclusive DLC deals, that’s a poor alternative for exclusive games. Therefore, Sony cannot be penurious with its money; it has to go out finding good titles and invest the money needed to those games to ensure the PS4 has a solid exclusive games library.

Care more about Japanese games

Japanese games are very popular at the moment in North America – Persona, Ni No Kuni, Xenoblade, Pandora’s Tower, The Last Story, etc. They’ve all been touching our every nerve. Sony has an advantage over Microsoft in this aspect since Japanese game designers aren’t developing too many games for Xbox 360. It seems there’s a belief that western game players don’t show much interest in Japanese video games so that Sony did not publish many Japanese games to certain markets, but I think that’s proved to be more a misconception than anything else.

Pay more attention to indie games

PSN is a good store to seek indie games, but that’s not enough as it is more or less on par with the XBLA of Xbox. It should be better with the PS4 and make itself a far cry from others. As indie games boomed this year, Sony should take a bigger bite on the pie. It needs to make a PSN where it can try new and different things. Frankly speaking, Sony has already been doing a better job than Microsoft in the area of online market, but I’d like to see it take an even bigger step with PSN in the upcoming future.

Fix the potential problems in time

Sony has to take actions in time when things just aren’t running on the right track. When launching some peripherals like Move or PS Vita but it’s not doing anything except collecting dust, don’t pretend everything is all right and leave it festering some more. Staying the course doesn’t help anything. If something isn’t working well with the PS4, Sony can’t just let that problem hang there, hoping it gets better with the commitment of good things to come. It needs to get innovative and shake things up.

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Compare BlackBerry Z10 to iPhone 5: Which One to Buy

Not long ago, BlackBerry introduced its next generation Smartphone – the BlackBerry Z10.  Ever since that, BlackBerry fans and tech experts have shown more interest to the new fella, attracted by a few new features. Regardless of all the interest, once a new type of Smartphone comes out, people would like to compare it to the currently latest iPhone. Therefore, how nicely the BlackBerry Z10 performs compare to the iPhone 5 and which one a better buy is could be the most concerning question.

To our surprise, BlackBerry’s new model has a slightly bigger display screen than that of iPhone 5. Compared to the 326 PPI feature of Apple’s flagship, the BlackBerry Z10 displays adorably much sharper thanks to its 355 PPI feature.

To answer to the FaceTime of Apple, BlackBerry integrated BBM Video Chat to the Z10,making it the first time for BlackBerry users to video chat with friends right on their phones, which surely  makes the new model more desirable.

As to the camera, both of them are with the same megapixel count. However, since there are not yet any photos shot by the BlackBerry Z10, it is unfair to give a comment on it right now.

This time, BlackBerry finally removes the traditional QWERTY keyboard, driven a touch-screen keyboard with word prediction feature instead. This smart input method will predict the word you may be going to input as you tap each letter. A far cry from similar features on other smartphones, BlackBerry is said to use the heat-mapping technology to “learn” from your typing and your typing patterns every time you hit a letter. This is to prevent spelling errors.

In spite of all the features we’ve talk about the BlackBerry Z10 above, there is still no evidence to show whether the new smartphone will lead the new tide or not. The iPhone5 and Samsung Galaxy S III are currently on top of the smartphone market with strong sales, so BlackBerry should take more than an improved phone to catch up with its rivals.

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Sony PS4 Rumored to Come out with Less than a £300 Cost

Recently, there’s a heating discussion that Sony is about to launch its next generation PlayStation – PS4 in a February 20 event. Another rumor is that Sony PS4 could come out in the UK costing customers at an appealing price of less than £300 when it releases later this year.

The Times claimed at a recent report that Sony would probably launch its PS4 in under the £300 mark, quoting industry sources and leaked internal documents. This claim could be traced back to the Japan news earlier this month, which stated that the PlayStation 4 will retail for just 40,000 JPY ( about £278 by today’s exchange rate) when it is put into the market on Feb 20th.

The reducing of the price would be an enormous difference of approach from the PS3, which put consumers in a dilemma with its debuted price of £425 back in 2007. “This high launch price infamously cost Sony early momentum in the console war” – a sorrowful circumstance from which Sony has only really revitalized in the very latter years of the PS3’s life.

Obviously, this low debuted price for the PS4 is going to give the new generation game console an immediate attraction to more early adopters. In addition, it would also reflect the trends that the next generation game console – including the Xbox 720, Wii U, etc. – will be more a multimedia center than just a dedicated gaming device.

In spite of the facts all above, the PlayStation 4 is designed to be an ultra-powerful piece of console with many expectations. The fact is that Sony PS4 is much likely to be the best game console on the market in the following year (or even years), with an 8-core CPU and an 18-core GPU. Apart from that, the PS4 will also sport a touch pad-equipped controller.

What’s your expected price for a PS4? Write a comment to tell us what you think about it!

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Nexus 4 Problems and Solutions

Nexus 4 is getting hot now and the most concerning problem many people have met with the LG-manufactured Google Nexus 4 heretofore seems to be getting one Nexus 4 themselves. The short supply of Nexus 4 has brought many headlines, showing that the demand is strong. However, every brand new product has its teething issues sooner or later after released. In this regard, we arranged some most reported Nexus 4 problems that users may encounter and we try to provide users (probably) the best solutions here.

Problem: The glass back cracked
Much alike the iPhone 4S, LG Nexus 4 also has a glass back panel. Such kind of phones look really nice and stylish but there is obviously a risk that it may shatter when dropped. Although Corning’s Gorilla Glass 2 protects both the front and the back, even that tough material can crack or shatter under certain circumstances.
Workaround: Apply a phone case or a screen protector to the glass back. A good Nexus 4 case or screen protector would enable you to avoid any cracks or shatters in the first instance. Of course, if you’ve already got a crack on that glass back, a case could help you hide it.
Solution: Cost $64 to send it back to LG for repair. You can contact LG or Google to arrange it.

Problem: The camera doesn’t take photos
Ever want to take a photo with your Nexus 4, while tapping the blue circle to no avail? Know that you’re not the only one! Recently, there have been quite a few complaints about the camera freezing or rejecting to take photos. Some users also said that the flash did not turn on. There isn’t a perfect solution for this yet.
Reboot the phone so that the camera will be reset and it should work normally, but the issue might occur again.

Problem: Videos cannot be played
Many users found that some of their videos cannot be played on Nexus 4. The videos can only run with sounds but no images, or vice verse. This is mainly because of the incompatibility of the video’s file format. Nexus 4 can only recognize a few video formats like MP4, 3GP and H.264, and the majority of other formats such as WMV, MOV, MKV, RM, etc. are not included.
Find a proper third-party video app from Android app store. Some of these video apps can support most of the video formats.
Use a third-party Video Converter (Video Converter for Mac) to convert any videos to Nexus 4 accepted video format for playback.

Problem: Overheating
Every smartphone may face the same problem of heating up when using it, typically when you continuously use it for a long time, or run intensive games or apps, but it shouldn’t get extremely hot. Some users complained that the Nexus 4 heats up when they are using Chrome online, while some others suggested that using Google Earth for just a few minutes will cause their Nexus 4 to become very hot. In extreme cases, the Nexus 4 is getting hot enough that it will automatically shut down.
Solution: Contact Google, LG, or the retailer to get a replacement.

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How to download and watch Gangnam Style MV offline?

Up to October 7, 2012, the Gangnam Style MV has been watched over 400 million times on YouTube, which sets Guinness record. Are you also deeply attracted by the Gangnam MV? Hope to download the Gangnam Style music video from YouTube, so you can enjoy Gangnam youtube MV offline at leisure time. What you need is just YouTube downloader and maybe another video converter.

Doremisoft Free YouTube Download for Mac gives YouTube fans an effective way to download YouTube movies offline. Plus, the program is also well compatible with HD movies. That’s to say, the downloaded video quality can be flawlessly retained.

How to download Gangnam Style MV for watch offline?

Step 1: Click here to download the Mac YouTube Download for Free.
Install the Free YouTube Download and launch it.

Step 2: Copy the URL of the Gangnam video page
Then click Paste URL in the main window of the program. In addition, you can also customize the download mode like “Best Quality”, “Optimal Parameters” or “Minimal Size”.

Step 3: Start downloading YouTube Gangnam Style MV
Also, you can download multiple YouTube videos at one time.

How to watch Gangnam Style video on Mac or handy device?

On finishing downloading, you can access to the YouTube Gangnam Style movies and watch it offline. However, if the YouTube movie file format like FLV isn’t friendly to your Mac or handy devices like iPad, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3, etc, how to tackle it?

Take ease, you can still get the assistance from the YouTube Video Converter for Mac.

Tip: It also has Windows version of YouTube Video Converter. Both of them share the same operating procedures.

The Mac YouTube Video Converter is capable of converting any YouTube video to target file format, program or devices, for it has a wide range of optimal presets for them, as shown in the following screenshot:

Learn more the step-by-step guide on how to convert YouTube video on Mac.

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Transfer and Copy Video/Photo/Music to Kindle Fire HD

The all-new Amazon Kindle Fire HD (both 7-inch and 8.9-inch versions) tablets are now very hot on Android market. It is perfect for browsing, reading, sopping, playing and watching on the go, anyone here may expect to get one for great enjoyment. And after you get the tablet, you might want to copy your personal existing media files like videos, pictures and music to Kindle Fire HD, and if you are a newbie, you properly don’t know how to connect your tablet to computer for media files transferring. Well, never mind, here I’d like to show you an easy way to transfer media contents to Kindle Fire HD via USB:

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Review on iPhone 5 Technical Specification

The Apple iPhone 5 comes real finally without giving us a big surprise. It does as it is expected to. As a iOS device fan, you may care about the features or technical specs of the brand new iPhone 5. Here I’d like to collect some info. about iPhone 5 and share with you. Continue reading

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Apple Sept. 12 Event Hints at iPhone 5

Apple yesterday sent out press invites for its Setp. 12 event in San Francisco. No details about the event yet, but from the look of the invite, the shadow hits at Apple’s next generation iPhone – the iPhone 5.

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