2013 Cool Gadgets for iPhone

What is the most popular smart phone in the world? The answer is obvious: Apple iPhone! With the release of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, iPhone is gaining a lot more popularity all over the world. Every well-known product comes a series of affiliate programs/accessories. As you know, there are hundreds of applications/programs for iPhone on the iTunes stores. Actually, there are also many other creative and cool gadgets on the market, making your iPhone more fun and magical. Getting interested in finding out what the gadgets are? Please go on reading as below:

1.iPhone Alarm Clock Dock

The chances are that, most people wake up on time by iPhone alarm clock. This wooden iPhone dock is such a smart, great-looking idea. It hooks up to the iPhone easily, in which way; you can wake up to our favorite songs from iTunes playlists.

2.iPhone Specialty Camera Lenses

This is a great gadget for those who love taking iPhone pictures to post on Instagram and Facebook. It includes a macro lens (for close-ups), a fisheye (for wide-angle shots), and a polarized lens (for reduced reflection and truer color). You can get this cool thing at around $49.

3.Grippy iPhone Pad

As we all know, it is not safe to use mobile phones when we are driving. However, there are times that we have to use it on the steering wheel, for example, follow GPS directions. In this case, it is a marvelous idea to use the grippy iPhone Pad which prevents your iPhone from sliding around the dash.

4.iPhone Cable Keep

Charger cable is very important, especially when we are out on a trip or something. However, if it is not wrapper or kept properly, it will get damaged easily. Now, with this iPhone cable keep, the story will have a happy ending. It helps to shorten the cords when you are charging the mobile phone and enables you to wrap up the charger for storage neatly.

5.Etre Touchy Gloves

It is a cool thing to use iPhone on the cold days, isn’t it? Perhaps you have tried to use it with gloves but it just fails to work. Take it easy, here comes this magical pair of touchy gloves which specially cut-out ends on your iPhone-operaitng fingers, and remain surprisingly warm. Thoroughly recommended!

6.Bose SoundDock System

This Bose speaker is absolutely an ideal option for those true “audiophile”. The sound quality is remarkable. Their “SoundDock” series works with various Apple gadgets, and these are the mid-range model. If you’re going to drop this type of money on a speaker system, it’s worth first looking at the full lineup.

7. Phone X Phone

Do you miss the old days when using a wire telephone? With this ultimate iPhone accessory, you can turn your iPhone into a wire telephone by simply plugging your phone in and enjoy all the comfort of a landline-style phone at home or at the office. Surely, it allows you to browse apps and charge the battery while you’re on a voice call, which can be quite useful in some cases. However, the main purpose of this incredible gadget is to look awesome cool in front of all your family, friends and colleagues.

Does any one of the gadgets interest you? If you have got other great iPhone accessories, kindly let us know.

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