4 Best Desktop Music Players

Are you fond of listening to music? What music player do you use? Regardless of what you use the player for–whether it is to syncs with the smart phones, organize the playlist or make music collection, it is always good to have a favorite desktop music player. However, for most Windows users who use the default media player—Window Media Player, they seem to have very few options. As a matter of fact, there are tons of music players for choices, but only a few of them stand above the rest. Let’s have a quick look at them one by one as below.


As a media player for Windows based PCs and Android devices, Winamp was very popular in 90s. It can also be run on Mac platform well. Besides, it was one of the first common music players on Windows to support playback of Ogg Vorbis by default. Apart from supporting the playback of lots of file types, Winamp can also do many jobs such as ripping CDs, syncing with mobile devices either via USB and so forth. To sum up, it is a straightforward, easy-to-use, and solid app with many lovable features including skins, themes, visualizations, etc.


Many people love its adorable name very much. It is a completely free digital media player capable of supporting many major music formats such as MP3, AAC, OGG, FLAC, M4V, WMA, WV, APE, etc. Different from the most music players, MusicBee doesn’t have many options, tweaks or toggles, but it can still do many tasks include but not limited to rip CD, handle large library, create playlist, sync to mobile devices, tag songs or even download additional data about the tracks. Additionally, it is good at arranging music. User can have the music listed by genre, artist and album. Other small panes can be used to show the current play list, song details, artwork and lyrics. There is also a search tool helping to locate the specific artist or track quickly.

3.Zune Music

You may be puzzled. Zune, is a long gone device, but Zune Music—a kind of music service which is also known as the Xbox Music, is still very popular. Have to mention that, Zune Music desktop player is a great player being able to support a ton of file types and fast handle large libraries. Most people are attracted by its remarkable features such as gorgeous interface with special look, downloading options, auto-generated backgrounds, custom playlists and more.

4.Media Monkey

As creative as its name, Media Monkey has got strong capability to handle piles of music files(MP3, AAC, FLAC, OGG, etc) without any problems. Users can also use it to play tunes, rip CDs , download podcasts, organize playlists, and sync with mobile devices such as iPhone 5S/5/4S, iPod, etc and other MP3 players freely. Besides, it can help to automatically update your library based on changes to your library folders with its auto mode. Remarkably, its layout and UI are customizable, while it is very quick in the playback even under the load of a song library with thousands of songs.

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