5 Great Free software for PC

Nowadays, almost all people have got a computer which’s a necessity of digital life. For sure, there is also a host of great computer programs available on the market, helping to improve the computer’s overall performance as well as diversify the way we use the PCs at work and for entertainment.

As the old saying goes, “Good things in life do not necessarily cost you a bomb.” The truth is that, not all programs or software always come with a price tag attached. What’s that mean? Well, there is some great PC software available for free of charge – something that you might not notice. But once you get them, you will be surprised at how great they are. OK, now, let’s compile a list of 5 best free PC software available for choice as below:

1. Mozilla Firefox 26.0

Many people use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer as the default web browser. But if you don’t like it, you can turn to Mozilla Firefox instead. As a great browser, Firefox has got many pros such as clean & user-friendly interface, innovative tab implementation, built-in PDF viewer, strong security and so forth.

2. Adobe Flash Player

According to Wikipedia, the Adobe Flash Player is freeware software for viewing multimedia, executing rich Internet applications, and streaming video and audio, content created on the Adobe Flash platform. That is to say, with the help of Adobe Flash Player, we can improve the experience of web viewing, for example, we can visit many websites containing Flash contents, play online Flash games and watch animation videos freely without errors. That said, the Adobe Flash Player plug-in is really an internet essential.

3. OpenOffice

Most people especially the nonprofits are familiar with Microsoft Office – the powerful, user-friendly word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation package. But you know what, Microsoft Office is not the only office suite in town. Now, we have got another option – the OpenOffice which is also quite useful and compatible with Microsoft Office. As a free open-source productivity suite, the OpenOffice works well with a lot of Office documents and many other file types. Have to say that, the OpenOffice offers better support for older computers than the latest version of Microsoft Office.

4. Avira 2014

As we all know, computers are susceptible to virus in this complicated digital world. That is why we need to protect the PCs by using the anti-virus software. Honestly, there are hundreds of different brands of AV programs/products out there. Some of them charge for a really high price while some products such as McAfee and Norton require you to take out a yearly subscription. Before making your decision, why not consider trying this one — Avira 2014? It is a completely free virus protection program. It always does a great job in protecting your PC from being attacked by spyware, root kits, worms, phishing, hoaxes, malware and other general vulnerabilities. Besides, it will automatically detect malicious sites and warms you before you are trying to visit the website.

5. CCleaner 4.09

A computer needs a regular cleaning up so as to ensure its normal operation. To do the cleaning job, a professional tool is needed, say, the CCleaner 4.09. This free PC cleaning tool can not only protects your privacy online, but also fast clears the cookies, temporary files and various other unused data, helping to improve your computers performance and enable it to run faster & more securely. Remarkably, the CCleaner is extremely easy to use. It allows you to customize the cleaning options according to your needs. Just feel free to give it shot!

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