Compare BlackBerry Z10 to iPhone 5: Which One to Buy

Not long ago, BlackBerry introduced its next generation Smartphone – the BlackBerry Z10.  Ever since that, BlackBerry fans and tech experts have shown more interest to the new fella, attracted by a few new features. Regardless of all the interest, once a new type of Smartphone comes out, people would like to compare it to the currently latest iPhone. Therefore, how nicely the BlackBerry Z10 performs compare to the iPhone 5 and which one a better buy is could be the most concerning question.

To our surprise, BlackBerry’s new model has a slightly bigger display screen than that of iPhone 5. Compared to the 326 PPI feature of Apple’s flagship, the BlackBerry Z10 displays adorably much sharper thanks to its 355 PPI feature.

To answer to the FaceTime of Apple, BlackBerry integrated BBM Video Chat to the Z10,making it the first time for BlackBerry users to video chat with friends right on their phones, which surely  makes the new model more desirable.

As to the camera, both of them are with the same megapixel count. However, since there are not yet any photos shot by the BlackBerry Z10, it is unfair to give a comment on it right now.

This time, BlackBerry finally removes the traditional QWERTY keyboard, driven a touch-screen keyboard with word prediction feature instead. This smart input method will predict the word you may be going to input as you tap each letter. A far cry from similar features on other smartphones, BlackBerry is said to use the heat-mapping technology to “learn” from your typing and your typing patterns every time you hit a letter. This is to prevent spelling errors.

In spite of all the features we’ve talk about the BlackBerry Z10 above, there is still no evidence to show whether the new smartphone will lead the new tide or not. The iPhone5 and Samsung Galaxy S III are currently on top of the smartphone market with strong sales, so BlackBerry should take more than an improved phone to catch up with its rivals.

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