Convert HD MOV clips into iPhone/iPod touch/iPad with QuickTime Pro

A guide for converting HD MOV trailers into iPhone/iPod touch compatible format has been added under the QuickTime Pro section for Kodak zi8, zi6, playtouch, playsport camcorders users.

QuickTime is the video player created by Apple Inc. Although QuickTime is free, to use the exporting feature requires QuickTime Pro, which is $29. If you don’t have QuickTime Pro, please use How to free convert HD mov to MP4 for sony’s Playstation3 PS3, which explains how to use a freeware to convert the trailers.

QuickTime Pro

The following stepy-by-step Convert HD MOV clips into iPhone with QuickTime Pro

First, you would want to open up the trailer with QuickTime. From there, hit File, then Export… This will bring up the Export window. Enter the File Name you wish to save the trailer as. In the drop-down list under Export select Movie to MPEG-4.

QuickTime Pro – Save exported file as

Now hit the Options button, which will bring up the MPEG-4 Export Settings screen.

In the File Format drop-down list, select MP4. In the next drop-down list, select Video. Under Video Format, select Pass Through. All other settings below should gray out after selecting Pass Through.

QuickTime Pro – MPEG-4 Export Settings

Hit OK, and then Save to begin the Export process. This should only take a few seconds, but will vary by your CPU.

QuickTime Pro – Export Progress

From here, the .mp4 file can be copied to a USB flash drive or burned to a CD/DVD; from there it can be copied over to the PS3’s HDD.

iPhone/iPod touch

It’s also possible to convert HD trailers for playability on Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch using QuickTime. To do this, simply select Movie to iPhone under the Export drop-down list after navigating to File > Export. The Options button should become grayed out. Hit the Save button and the trailer will convert, creating a M4V file.

From here, transfer the M4V file into iTunes and sync your iPhone/iPod touch. Now you can enjoy trailers on-the-go!

Note: It doesn’t matter if you use the 480p, 720p, or 1080p version of a trailer/clip… the result will be the same (quality, resolution, etc…)

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