Four Free Apps to Make Your Mobile Phone Battery Live Longer

According to an investigation, seven out of ten people all over the world own a mobile phone. What can we learn from that figure? It is an undeniable fact that mobile phone has become an indispensable part in our lives. We send messages, make telephone calls, take pictures, listen to music, watch videos or play games by a “smart” mobile phone. It’s hard to imagine what the life will be like without it.

Despite how great and smart a mobile phone is, there’s something we find it difficult to handle with—the battery! Have you ever encountered the problem of a mobile phone dying? For example, when you are chatting with friends, the alarm rang, telling you that the battery is about to run out and you will have to finish the conversion in a hurry. Isn’t it painful and annoying? Of course, there are some tips to help save the battery, for instance, reduce the screen brightness , disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, lower the ring tone volume or even forbidden the internet surfing. However, all of the tips cannot help a lot. Here are four free apps that can be of great help to extend your mobile battery life.


1. Clean Master

This app can not only help you to save the battery power, but helps to release the memory space as well. Some graphs will show you how much space has been used and how much is left on the SD card. It will look for the cached files produced by all of the mobile apps and helps you to get rid of them.

2. Easy Battery Saver

There are several power-saving modes for choice. It helps to minimize the power consumption by reducing the power-gulping activities such as the wireless networks. The most fantastic feature is the main dashboard which can keep track of the running apps, report users about the battery status and gives suggestions such as turn off the wi-fi, Bluetooth, GPRS or reduce the screen brightness, etc. Besides, it will tell you by a graph that which apps are using the most battery power.

3. Battery Saver

Called as it is, this app is specially developed to help save the battery power. It will show you how much the mobile phone’s power is left as well as how much battery power will be extended if you turn off some running apps or disable some functions such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The app will also notify you to begin charging the mobile and stop the charging, besides, it will show you the system information, loads of optimization tips and more.

4. Battery Doctor Pro

It monitors your iOS mobile devices usage all the time. By turning down some running apps that you are not using, it helps to extend the battery life. Also, it has got a graph showing the current battery charge clearly for you. There are multiple nice little touches. For example, the Task Clear button enables you to get rid of the running apps quickly. Also, you can see clearly which of your apps uses the most power from the Usage List. Another useful feature is its “maintain” submenu, which recommends how far to let your battery run down before a recharge to get the maximum life out of the battery. Always keep in mind that never charge your mobile phones too often, or the battery life will be shorten.

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