Galaxy S4 V.S iPhone 5 – How Galaxy S4 Matches up with iPhone5

Samsung with the release of its new Flagship smartphone the Samsung Galaxy S4 has shocked the world, not only for that the phone features some sweet hardware specs, but also because the new model has shipped with some really awesome features that users can avail of in their everyday lives.

As is sporting the Full HD resolution display screen, the Galaxy S4 is so far the most high-tech smartphone in hardware available in the smartphone market now. Since Apple fans might not agree with us on this point, we were writing this post to give a face to face comparison between the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 to end up to questions and allegations.

Since the two flagships offer the best-in-class hardware and have stunning features that could even shame the bigger computers, here we just talk about how the two giants fight against each other.

Design and appearance

By increasing the screen size by another 2 mm, the Galaxy S4 ships with a 5-inch full HD 1080p resolution display. But even so, Samsung has adopted a slim edge design to make the phone as comfortable as possible. As to the iPhone 5, Apple stepped into the 4 inch display based smartphone segment and while the iPhone 5 is the biggest iPhone, it is still the smaller Smartphone as compared to the competition.

iPhone 5 V.S Galaxy S4:
Thick: 7.6mm V.S 7.9mm
Wide: 58.6mm V.S 69.8mm
Weight: 112g V.S 130g

As we can infer here, the iPhone 5 is marginally thinner, smaller, and lighter than the Galaxy S4, but it comes down to personal taste. While the Galaxy S4 is heavier, at 130 grams it isn’t heavy. If you want a big-screen device, go for the Galaxy; if you want something that’s easier to hold, go for the iPhone.


As the table clearly shows, the Galaxy S4’s hardware is superior to the iPhone 5 in almost every way. The Galaxy S4’s cameras are better on paper, but as we know, more megapixels certainly don’t equate to better image quality. The RAM difference is big, though unlikely to have real-world repercussions; the Galaxy S4’s MicroSD slot is a definite edge over the iPhone 5, however.

Operating system

Running on Google’s latest Android Jelly bean 4.2.2 OS, the Galaxy S4 integrates the best of both Google’s technique and Samsung’s touch wiz UI on top of it. Users will enjoy regular upgrades and fixes while all services and applications will be available for them.

Apple with its iOS 6 launched on a very bad time indeed, with not many Google services being made available to its users and the malfunctioning Apple maps just made things worse. But the later decision of accepting the mistake and allowing Google services made things right again and brought the smile back to many users’ faces.

In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is somewhat coming with the best of best hardware, latest operating system and outstanding new features, such as auto scroll and extended smart stay. The full HD display is a real plus and along with that the company has tried making it as slim and sleek as possible to be fit for regular users as well. So, in general, the Galaxy S4 is a better device than the iPhone 5 on the whole. But the price of the Samsung Galaxy S4 would be one thing that governs its sales. Personally speaking, we hope Samsung has some good numbers up.

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