HTC One Overview

To somebody, ONE is just a number, but to HTC, it is a branding strategy. Recent years, nearly the whole foundation of HTC are relying itself on the brand ONE. Look at the ONE lineup, and you’ll notice that this is all the pride and joy of the designers. Here comes the reason: in the overcrowded smartphone market, HTC seems like the underdog to the giants of Apple and Samsung. HTC needs to highlight itself from the field if it even wants to regain the support of consumers.

Along with this goal, HTC One X marked a sounded start last year, and while it didn’t meet the demand the CEO would have liked, the newest model 2013 – simply named the HTC One –takes HTC’s design and imaging chops to the next level, bringing a new UltraPixel camera sensor, a powerful quad-core Snapdragon 600 chip, and a stunning 4.7-inch 1080p display which is great for watching videos with it among other top-shelf specs. However, whether it will appeal to the potential buyers, from another key product announcement’s point of view is remain unknown. It’s got more than a fighting chance.

A recent report said that the HTC One release is facing another delay which cause shortages throughout April and ultimately could push the HTC One release date up against the Samsung Galaxy S4 release. Could this be good news or bad news? For my part, I think it is somewhat piece of good news, since that at least it reflects the fact many people are expecting its debut, isn’t it?

Jason Mackenzie, HTC global sales and marketing president, spoke highly of the demand for the HTC One, calling it the “strongest initial response for any smartphone we’ve ever designed” as well as apologizing for the delay:

“We apologize for this delay and are confident that you will find that the new HTC One will be well worth the wait.”

Well, last but not least, here are the detail specs of the brand new HTC One. Hope that it will wear you out somewhat.

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