iPhone vs Gphone What to buy, iPhone or Gphone?

We all know iPhone is very popular. Every release of a new model of iPhone caused long queues before the Apple stores all over the place. Google is always ahead of its competitors when it comes to technology, and Gphone is for sure a great iPhone. Should you get an iPhone or a Gphone? Let’s compare these gadegets:

1. Design – iPhone beats Gphone
iPhone has a better design than Gphone, it is thinner and prettier. Apple’s design is always pretty and smooth. Gphone is not as pretty, but it is practical.
2. Keyboard – Gphone beats iPhone
The G1′s little keyboard gives the G1 a clear edge when you type and play games. iPhone’s virtual keypad, tapping touchscreen keys (especially ones without haptic feedback) has its limits. Gphone’sl keyboards, like those on BlackBerrys, are a lot easier to use.
3. Multimedia – iPhone beats Gphone (for now)
The iPhone is one of the best portable media players. Gphone does not have built in app into it. But if there is a good app in Google market that is like VLC player, it will kill iPhone because you don’t want to always convert videos to iPhone supported formats.
4. Built in compass – Gphone beats iPhone
Gphone has an integrated compass to determine which way you’re facing and give you Google Maps StreetView images of the buildings around you. This is pretty useful although you can always look around by yourself. However, this gives space to turn Gphone to a fully featured hiking GPS.
5. Multitasking – Gphone beats iPhone
iPhone can do a lot, but not at once. iPhone is a pretty weak when it c omes to multitasking. However, on Gphone’s Android, you can easily swipe between programs, although the performance is somehow limited due to the limited memory of Gphone. AAndroid allows you to copy and paste text, which is also a good plus.
6. Multi-touch – iPhone beats Gphone
Gphone’s capacitive touchscree is the same highly sensitive type of screen found on the iPhone. But Gphone does not have the iPhone’s multitouch capability. Although Gphone uses “long-touches” to bring up deep menus, it is lack of functionality that comes from the iPhone’s ability to sense two fingers at once.

7.  Internal Memory – iPhone beats Gphone
You can choose from 8 GB and 16 GB for an iPhone. But the Gphone only has a 192 MB of built in  memory, alone with a 1 GB micro-SD card. That is far away from the memory for a phone to store music and downloaded applications. You can sure purchase an 8 GB micro-SD card, but the price will be much higher.

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