iPod Touch vs Zune HD Buy Apple iPod touch or Microsoft Zune HD

A few friends have asked me whether they should get an iPod touch or Zune HD. iPod touch is no doubt the most popular, however, Microsoft Zune is also a very good gadget. Now, let’s compare Apple iPod touch and Microsoft Zune HD and you will see which is better for you.

Looks & Weight
Looks are the first impression. Zune looks more square and conservative and iPod touch has a rounded look like lots of other Apple’s products. iPod has a 3.5 inch screen, which is larger than the 3.3 inch Zune screen. Zune is much lighter than iPod touch. Zune is 74 grams and iPod touch 4G is 105 grams

The Zune HD has the Zune Marketplace, which is very similar in look and feel to the iPod’s App Store. But the Zune has a lot less choices when it comes to applications, while the App Store is full of thousands of Apps, while the Zune Marketplace has only a fraction of the selection.

Battery Life
The Zune HD is good with battery life, at 3 hours more audio and 2.5 hours more video time on a single charge than the iPod Touch. Zune HD has 33 hours of audio and 8.5 hours of video. This makes the Zune HD a great tool when you are on a long trip where you cannot charge your gadget often. Let along that the Zune is quicker to charge than iPod touch. It takes 2 hours to charge the Zune while it takes 4 hours to charge the iPod touch.

The Zune HD is better at colors on the screen. And iPod Touch can just deal with up to 576P but Zune HD can do up to HDTV 720P. Both allow HDMI output to an external monitor which is the only condition under which the Zune HD superiority will be very easy to see. While the iPod maxes out at 30frame per second ,640 x 480 pixels at 2.5MBPs for MPEG4 video , the Zune HD does 30 fps,720 x 480 ,4MBPs .The one thing the Zune does have that the Pod doesn’t is an HD radio. The Zune HD runs the Nvidi Negra with ARM 800MHZ CPU which gives it an edge over the underclocked ARM 833 MHZ CPU running at 600MHz.

The Zune HD uses a mobile version of the Internet Explorer browser, and iPod touch uses Safari browser. Microsoft indeed has created a mobile browser. However, one major difference is that Microsoft’s browser displays the mobile version of some web pages by default, and Safari always displays the page you see on a real computer.

The Zune HD has better video and graphic capabilities and a much longer battery life. Zune HD has HD radio while iPod touch does not have radio. Zune HD is also lighter but it is thinner. iPod touch has a lot of choices when it comes to applications and games and the screen is also larger than that of Zune HD.

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