IT later stage: Samsung, Google, Microsoft dances together with Apple.

Jobs”s death on Oct 6th has affected the whole IT industry’s nerve, it directly reflects in sensitive capital market, Apple’s smart phones and tablet competitors from Samsung, HTC etc. their stock price has raised dramatically, it seems a revolution for those ones who live under the shadow of Apple iPhone, iTunes, iPad in the past 7 to 8 years.

No 1 competitor: Google
According to ComScore research, within the 3 months till August 2011, Android takes account of 43.7% while Apple iOS takes 27.3% market share.
In app platform aspect, Apple Store withstand AndroidMarket;
In tablet market, iPad withstand Android tablet;
In Internet TV, Apple TV to withstand Google TV;
And in e-book, cloud, office software, email even GPS map there are battle smell.

No 2 competitor: Samsung
“Disappoint” is the first comment to Apple iPhone 4S from Samsung’s vice president Zhicheng Cui. In Samsung’s eyes. Apple is not perfect as we imagined, and Samsung on Oct 7th announced will delay the release of Samsung GALAxyNexus smart phone. We must know that in Apple’s average $560 iPad providing link, accessories monopolized by Samsung in processor, flash memory, DRAM these fittings cost has arrived to 36% of iPad cost.
But it’s very likely Samsung will recover good cooperation with Apple, according related analysis.

We don’t state the No3 competitor here, because if the Giant Nokala to cooperate with Google, things will be much different.
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