Nexus 4 Problems and Solutions

Nexus 4 is getting hot now and the most concerning problem many people have met with the LG-manufactured Google Nexus 4 heretofore seems to be getting one Nexus 4 themselves. The short supply of Nexus 4 has brought many headlines, showing that the demand is strong. However, every brand new product has its teething issues sooner or later after released. In this regard, we arranged some most reported Nexus 4 problems that users may encounter and we try to provide users (probably) the best solutions here.

Problem: The glass back cracked
Much alike the iPhone 4S, LG Nexus 4 also has a glass back panel. Such kind of phones look really nice and stylish but there is obviously a risk that it may shatter when dropped. Although Corning’s Gorilla Glass 2 protects both the front and the back, even that tough material can crack or shatter under certain circumstances.
Workaround: Apply a phone case or a screen protector to the glass back. A good Nexus 4 case or screen protector would enable you to avoid any cracks or shatters in the first instance. Of course, if you’ve already got a crack on that glass back, a case could help you hide it.
Solution: Cost $64 to send it back to LG for repair. You can contact LG or Google to arrange it.

Problem: The camera doesn’t take photos
Ever want to take a photo with your Nexus 4, while tapping the blue circle to no avail? Know that you’re not the only one! Recently, there have been quite a few complaints about the camera freezing or rejecting to take photos. Some users also said that the flash did not turn on. There isn’t a perfect solution for this yet.
Reboot the phone so that the camera will be reset and it should work normally, but the issue might occur again.

Problem: Videos cannot be played
Many users found that some of their videos cannot be played on Nexus 4. The videos can only run with sounds but no images, or vice verse. This is mainly because of the incompatibility of the video’s file format. Nexus 4 can only recognize a few video formats like MP4, 3GP and H.264, and the majority of other formats such as WMV, MOV, MKV, RM, etc. are not included.
Find a proper third-party video app from Android app store. Some of these video apps can support most of the video formats.
Use a third-party Video Converter (Video Converter for Mac) to convert any videos to Nexus 4 accepted video format for playback.

Problem: Overheating
Every smartphone may face the same problem of heating up when using it, typically when you continuously use it for a long time, or run intensive games or apps, but it shouldn’t get extremely hot. Some users complained that the Nexus 4 heats up when they are using Chrome online, while some others suggested that using Google Earth for just a few minutes will cause their Nexus 4 to become very hot. In extreme cases, the Nexus 4 is getting hot enough that it will automatically shut down.
Solution: Contact Google, LG, or the retailer to get a replacement.

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