Random Thoughts on the Big Changes Coming to AppleCare This Fall

“In a town hall session held on Thursday, Apple informed tech staff that major changes to the AppleCare and AppleCare+ service programs will be enacted starting this fall, with a broadening of current policies likely to cut costs and make the service more attractive to consumers.” read more from: AppleInsider

It is said that there will be some big changes coming to AppleCare this fall, including warranty subscriptions, in-store iOS device repairs and more. But still there’re a lot we need to consider about: Should we run it through Live Trace? Is there a problem with using the copywritten images proper? …

As neat and painless as it is to walk out with a swapped iPhone in 30 seconds, this sounds more efficient/less wasteful. Less wasted fuel, fewer wasted parts… and no need to restore your old iPhone’s contents to the new one. Waiting for an in-store repair (while you wait, hopefully) may take longer at first–but less pain in the end.

It is quicker the current way, but it has it’s drawbacks even for the end user. I’ve had some kind of manufacturing defect on every iPhone I’ve ever bought so I’ve had the experience of replacing each one of them (one model twice!), and it’s not the rose garden many make it out to be. On top of the fact that you’re $900.00 phone is being replaced with a much cheaper refurbished product (a rip-off in and of itself), there are often problems with the refurbished phone having information in it that ties it to the previous owner.

My current iPhone for example had the previous owners AppleID associated with it (even though it was supposedly completely wiped, refurbished and “new” in it’s refurbished box), and their home phone number as well. This has happened to me several times, so it’s not just a one off either. Up until the iPhone 5, this has never been a big deal, but with the 5, I still to this day have a lot of problems with iTunes in that the ownership of the media on my devices is always in question because somehow Apple’s servers don’t really “believe” that the phone is mine now. Lots of times my music won’t play for instance even though I bought it right on the device with my own Apple ID.

Also, on the initial setup, the ownership of my media was so mixed up, that I had to manually delete all the media off the device and then put it back on item by item. This process took over 2 days to do. Just because some goon at an Apple store gave me a refurbished device that wasn’t properly prepared (in some unexplainable inscrutable way).

I think they should skate a little closer to the law on this one and they wouldn’t have so many problems and pissed of customers. If a brand new iPhone, bought off contract for the full price, and it has manufacturers defects, it’s 100% wrong of Apple to replace it with refurbished junk of lesser quality and value. It’s also technically illegal (at least in my country) if anyone has the money and the time to take them to court over it, or fix the problem in store if they can.

On the flip side however, a part of the reason my experience is so bad, is Apple is far too lenient on most users in terms of AppleCare and repairs. I know people who have got two or three phone replacements for issues that were of their own making. IMO instead of trying to make every cheapskate loser in the world happy and screwing over the customers they have that actually pay for their products, they should be nicer to folks like me and a little less nice to those abusing the current system.

Anyway, this is great. One of the concerns with Apple’s rapid growth over the past decade is keeping up its level of customer service, and while that hadn’t even shown up to be a problem, it’s good to know that Apple just keeps improving it!

What do you think of the new updates? Remember to tell us your thoughts about that on the comments below.

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