Samsung Galaxy Y review

The Samsung Galaxy Y is the latest budget handset from the Korean firm, and it’s clearly meant as a ‘my first smartphone’.

Also, here is the best review of the phone we dug from youtube videos. This youtube videos will surely give you a preview for this phone before you can buy it.

Samsung Galaxy Y


The Y packs a 3-inch touchscreen with a 240×320-pixel resolution. You may be thinking that this sounds like a low resolution — and you’d be right. But, while the display can’t match the glorious Super AMOLED Plus screen on the Galaxy S2, the Y will be much more affordable, so we have to cut it some slack.

The screen seemed perfectly adequate in our hands-on tests, displaying photos and text well. But the Y won’t be a great phone for browsing the Web. With a 320-pixel vertical resolution, plenty of scrolling and zooming will be required to zoom in on the right part of a page.


The phone is only 104mm long and weighs 98g, so it’s certainly small enough to fit into even the tiniest of hands, and will slide into those skinny jeans without too much trouble.

The Y doesn’t feel particularly sturdy, though, so we don’t recommend you throw it around too much. It doesn’t necessarily feel poorly built — it’s more that it feels like it’s made out of low-grade materials. It certainly doesn’t have the sturdy feel of its bigger brothers.


The Samsung Galaxy Y isn’t the most beautiful of the Galaxy clan, nor is it the most powerful. But, if it comes with the bargain-basement price tag we expect, it may well find a place in the pockets of many folk who can’t afford a Galaxy S2.

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