10 Best Online Flash Games

Besides watching videos, playing Flash game has ranked to be the second major way of relaxing. The fast development of web-based graphics technology has witnessed the increasingly popularity of Flash games. It is said that up to 40% people all over the world would spend 1-2 hours every day on playing the online Flash games. Having a research on the internet, we can see that there are lots of creative flash games websites available with various types of games: action, puzzles, adventure, shooting, racing and many others. Those Flash games are very easy to play and they do have attracted thousands of players. Perhaps the most important aspect of the Flash games’ popularity is the easy-access and cross-platform capabilities. That is to say, they can be played online or offline without requiring the installation of other software or plug-in like Java or Flash Player.

The following Flash games are considered to be most popular online Flash games. If you are always fond of playing games, why not check them out for fun.


1. Angry Birds

Yes, it is not a NEW game and I bet most of players have played it already. It is absolutely a good news if you own an iPhone or android phone, so that you can play the game online with friends for much fun.

2. Throw Paper

Perhaps this is one of the easiest games ever, but it does attract many players. All you should do is to throw a ball of paper into the trash bin. To make it a little harder, there will be a breeze of wind blowing and the direction of the paper ball will tip up.

3. The Helicopter Game

Just like the “Throw Paper”, this Flash game is also quite simple. However, it’s still really addictive and brilliant! It is all about controlling the helicopter to make it fly higher and longer sounds too easy, right? Well, don’t rejoice too soon. There will be loads of blocks in the way, trying to interrupt you and stop the helicopter from flying any further. Winning the game requires close attention and patience.

4. Puzzle Pinball

It is an inventive logic game. You are given the specific time and several pin balls. Your goal is to get the pinball going through the exit in the shortest time possible. You can use different methods and mechanics to achieve the objective.

5. Gravity Pods

It is a kind of shooter /puzzle game related to the gravity. The concept of the game is that: you use a gun to shoot a projectile at a target, and there will be some barriers to stop you, then, you can place Gravity Pods around the screen, bend the path the projectile takes, so that it goes around walls, down halls, curves back on itself etc. The first level is very easy, but with more and more elements emerging, it will be harder and harder.

6. Penguin jumping

This game is loved by lots of teenagers. It is a briefly diverting thing, but is amazingly surreal. You just need to select a penguin onto a diving board, make him perform a triple-somersault-with-pike or whatever you like, and get judged on height, rotation and angle of entry by a baby seal, a walrus and a (presumably extremely lost) polar bear.

7. Crimson Room

It is a very popular online strategy game. You are trapped in an odd, unfamiliar room. What you need to do is to find a way to escape by observing the environment and collecting and finding as many useful objects as possible.

8. Super Mario World

You never know how many people out there love this cute Mario. You objective is to guide this fat Italian plumber through a weird cartoon world, eat as many coins as possible, jump on mushrooms, tackle with the “enemies” and rescue the princess.

9. Blocky

It’s a very addictive game with much fun and challenges. As you can see, many colored squares are laying all about. First, you need to specify the four corners with the same colors, and then drag a rectangle with the mouse, afterwards, release your mouse, and the squares inside the rectangle will be collected.

10. Stick Cricket

It is probably the game which’s the most frequently cited on P45s. This game is all about the timing and reactions, which is the reason why many players are monumentally bad at it.

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