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How to choose a camcorder lens
When we buy camcorders, mostly likely, we don’t pay much attention to a camcorder’s lens. But it will be a wise think to do to care. The lens is integral to how your camcorder functions. There are only two major types of lenses available for camcorders, which are wide angle, and tele-extender.

Wide Angle Lens
A wide angle lens is used when you can’t include everything you want to shoot, nor can you move back to shoot at a longer distance. These lenses are good to shoot videos of a whole group of people.Before you pick a wide angle lens, one thing you should do is to test if it distort your video. You should also keep in mind that when using a traditional wide angle lens that you do not use the zoom feature during recording. You can only zoom if the wide angle lens comes with a sign such as “zoom through” on it.

Tele-extender lenses works out very well if you want to make the object come a lot closer than it actually is. A 3 x tele-extender lens means you can get the object three times closer. A tele-extender is different from zoom lens, because a camcorder with an optical zoom lens has the ability to magnify faraway objects and does so by moving pieces of glass within the camcorder. The tele-extender lens makes like that your camcorder is bang next to the object.The tele-extender lens needs to be screwed to a camcorder’s front, which makes it difficult to process lights. Therefore, when you use a tele-extender lens, it should be in situations where the lighting is very bright such as when you go hiking on a sunny day. They should not be used for shooting in dim lighting such as at indoor performances.
Usually you can get camcorder lens at prices from 60 dollars to 200 dollars or even more. You should seek brand name lenses such as Canon that offers a good range of lenses at good prices.

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