Top 3 free apps for iPad 2 2011

There are thousands of apps on your iPad 2, mainly divide to Office, Life, Game, Video and Audio, what should be the best 3 apps of 2011, here we just elect the most common 3 ones which every one is familiar and every one is needed. Here we

PhotoShop Express
The iPad is perfect for viewing photos, and even makes a great digital photo frame. But what if you want to make changes to those pictures? Adobe’s Photoshop Express lets you crop, straighten, rotate and flip images. There are also a variety of filters and effects. For fine editing you will still need to work on a PC, but for basic fixes this app is fantastic. And you can’t beat the price.

Free with $8.99/Month Subscription
Now not only iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook tablet is absolutely to support Netflix for its really splendid movies and magazines content, as Apple users can’t always run around iTunes store. Most of the iPad’s video watching experience revolves around iTunes, but NetFlix makes a great alternative. If you subscribe to the service, you can down the app for free and access the thousands of videos in their online catalog. You will need a strong WiFi connection, but after that you will have hours of low-cost movie watching before you. Read our full Netflix for the iPad review.


Here we not discuss the competition relationship between Amazon and Apple, a tablet can without game, without video calling, but must with e-reading, or it will be a horrible thing. With its bright color screen and touch-sensitive display, some people actually prefer reading on the iPad more than the Kindle itself, with its non-reflective E-Ink display. Regardless, if you have a kindle account, you have to down the app and find out. Just log in and you can download all of your archive books. Plus, you get color previews of all the book covers. Read our full Kindle for iPad review.
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