Top 5 eBook readers

For eBook, many people know Kindle is a good eBook reader or learn about it from Apple iBook for reading ePub converted from PDF on iPhone, but there are variety eBook readers available and what are the top 5 eBook readers?

1. Amazon Kindle – This Kindle eBook reader from Amazon is probably the most awesome Ereader on the Market currently. This Amazon Kindle comes in a standard 6-inch model and have the largest 9-inch Kindle DX, priced at $114 for the ad-supported 6’model, it offer various models like Kindle WiFi, Kindle 3G Model, ad-supported 3G Model , Kindle DX 3G Model .
This Amazon Kindle features with a high contrast E-link display and is capable of storing over 3,500 Books from the Kindle Store.

2. Sony Digital Reader – This is the first to the market with an E-ink eBook reader and where the digital Reader line is going strong currently. This Digital eBook reader was backed by Sony’s own eBook Store. Sony has made great strides in partnering with public libraries for loaning programs and with local newspapers and magazine publishers to get periodicals on their devices.

3. Apple iPad – Actually, this is not a eBook reader, but with the help of iBooks and having the ability to sideload eBooks through alternative eBook Stores, this can be sideloaded on the Apple iPad and loaded up with Books and PDF Documents that can be purchases from other Sources.

This Apple iPad was designed to be much more than an eReader as it will cost you much than the common eReaders.

4. Barnes and Noble Nook/Nook Color – Barnes and Noble has made an impressive showing with the Nook and Nook Color since the two were released. The Nook Color, on the other hand, will set you back $249, runs a modified version of Android, has a 7-inch brilliant touch-screen, and is one of the most popular eReaders in its price range.

5. Kobo eBook Reader – Actually, both Kobo Ereader Touch and Kobo Wireless Ereader supports open ePub and PDF Documents allowing you to side-load from other eBook stores and sources. The Kobo 6-inch e-ink displays touch sensitive in the case of Kobo eReader Touch and have a Ling Battery life.

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