Wii vs PS3 vs Xbox 360, which is the best game consoles

If you are into video games and looking into buying a game console, you may be wondering what to get. There are three popular game consoles: Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360. For different gamers, the best choices can vary much.

Sony PlayStation 3
The Good:
1. Nice hardware which solves a lot of defects and reduces complaints and defective systems. Its Cell processor is a dedicated processor especially for gaming.
2. Blue-Ray Disk- 52 gig of space. However you look at it, the bigger space the better. Better graphics, sounds, physics, AI, longer games, more modes, more maps, everything. Play both movies and games at high definition.
3. Leading the gaming industry. Sony has been regarded as the best manufacturer.
4. Backwards compatible to all previous Playstation/PS2 titles so you can still play the good old games such as FF, MGS, DMC, KZ, Soccom, Assassin’s Creed, etc.
5. PS3 hard drives are now the standard. Most developers base their development on PS3 hard drives.

The Bad:
1.Size- Not a big deal, but PS3 is the biggest console in the last 2 generation of console gaming.
2.Games will not be able to utilize the rumble features anymore, unless they make it as an option for 3rd party controllers.
3.PS3 games are pretty expensive games.

Nintendo Wii
The good:
1. Controls are very good. Wii makes the experience great with excellent accuracy and fluent controls.
2. Wii is cheaper than PS3 and the Xbox 360 and it has a great design.
3. Completely backwards compatible with the GameCube (GC).
4. If you buy a Wii, you get its pack-in games. You get five games in one so you can start gaming right away.
5. WiiConnect24 mode lets your Wii remain connected to the internet either wirelessly using IEEE802.11, or with a Wii LAN Adapter, even when it is powered down.

The Bad:
1. Wii only allows you to use the Wii via Wi-Fi so you cannot use a normal cable or ethernet cable.
2. The internal storage is only a 512 internal flash memory at the best.
3. The graphics are not at the level of PS3 or Xbox 360.

Xbox 360
The good:
1. Xbox has great graphics, which is an important feature for gamers who have high demands on graphic quality.
2.Comes with Xbox Live to let you download movies and music.
3. Cheap at $299 and you can also buy the HD-DVD drive for the X-Box 360 to watch DVD movies on it.
4. If you buy wireless controllers for Xbox 360, you can have four receivers running with up to four headsets and four wireless controllers at the same time.
5. It is easy to navigate menus of Xbox 360.

The Bad:
1. It costs $50 a year to get the online service.
2. Not very many choices for new games until you are into hardcore games only.
3. Xboc 360 is loud and nosiy.

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