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Roundup: Top 8 Kindle Fire Apps

Kindle Fire and Fire HD are two of the most popular tablets on the market, but their true value is really a function of what you can do with them. The 25 apps that we’ve included on this list aim … Continue reading

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Amazon Kindle Fire promises enhanced fluidity and performance

Amazon says the update aims to eliminate those woes and also dramatically improves the device’s privacy settings. Amazon has issued a software update for the Amazon Kindle tablet, which pledges to cure a lot of the ills reported by early … Continue reading

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Download and get games on Kindle Fire

To get games into the Appstore, Amazon has only a few, reasonable-seeming requirements, but these games either have not been submitted, are still in the approval process, or have been rejected. This matters little to someone who just wants to … Continue reading

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Main reasons why you buy Kindle Fire

According to readers’ feedback, Kindle Fire is suitable for those who do not often go outside or always stay in WiFi coverage area. Nook Tablet is better for the users who often go out and move frequently.

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The things we hope the Kindle Fire to do

The Kindle Fire has impressed a lot of people – including us – with its revamped Android interface and impossibly low price, but like any first release, there are more features we want to see. Here’s what we’re hoping for in the … Continue reading

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Think about Amazon Kindle Fire 5 Things

Just to make sure that we cover all of the potential resistance to Amazon’s Kindle Fire attractively priced gizmo; let’s go over the five things that may remove the Kindle Fire from your holiday shopping check list.

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